husky german shepherd mix
Jan 12 2021 4:42 AM

Hybrids of domestic dog breeds have existed for as long as the pedigrees that make them. His favorite indoor play is tug of war. BMJ. When I get home she is greats me with the classic Husky talk. I have a German Shepard and Husky mix and he is a great dog. My niece required a Siberian husky from a rescue and they were not aware she was in heat and was bred by their neighbors German shepherd Both who are beautiful! He was my boy. Either of which will help to give them a satisfying sense of purpose. Good luck! Rescuing a dog can be a really rewarding way of bringing home a new companion. He is my boy and I’m so glad that I will get to spend so many more years with him. It’s important to wait until they are mature before doing any excessive exercise (which includes prolonged running and too much ball and stick chasing). Course I didn’t know what I was getting either. But recently with the new trend for designer breeds, this loyal intelligent mix has started to soar. I love her but work full time. He made his new dog the first entry. German Shepherd Husky Mix 101 Build and Diet. I am looking to adopt a Husky Shepherd mix. She’s got brains and she’s not afraid to use them, 3. In the meantime, make sure that your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy’s parents were fully health checked before mating. He has the look of a German shepard,with not so much of the sagging backend. It s a perfect mix for me. But what do you even call the progeny of a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky? There’s no special day noted in history when the first German Shepherd Husky mix puppies were born. The popularity of both breeds means their puppies are often advertized nationwide. The verdict is: It’s not exactly catchy, but it seems to be the one that has stuck! White German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies aren’t too hard to find. Be cautious of any puppy which seems too cheap to be true. This will be advice tailored to your dog, as this mix can vary so much! Your Shepherd Husky mix dog will also have a double coat. He operates almost completely by nose when given the choice and loves to run. Want to know more? She benefits from the Siberian Husky’s sociable, playful nature, which is especially evident during puppyhood when they can play for hours. Gerberian huskies are loyal and have a lovable temperament high training potential. He lived until the age of 14, losing him broke my heart. Chukchi people have bred and worked Huskies for hundreds of years. Your German Shepherd Husky mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years. He does not get as much exercise as he did when he was with his dad, but gets a lot more attention from us. I’ve had her for two months and she still will not come in to the same room as my husband . The German Shepherd Husky Mix, also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is a beautiful crossbreed with extreme smarts and lots of energy. Find your german shepherd husky mix puppy. Thankfully I had a few really good dog trainers to help me along the way. But he left town & the parents had other dogs. My son brought this 4wk old German Shep/ husky mix home from school. Husky Mix German Shepherd Dog. He’s about 11 mths old now but was terribly abused piror to him going to the shelter. All I had to do was show her once or twice and she was trained. He has been known to “herd” the other dogs into one room and keep them there. These dogs are loyal to their owner, which makes them a great family dog. Best dog I’ve ever known. AJMG. 2015. ACTA Radialogica. I was raised to be a dog person. When he’s been bad, he’ll try to cover his eyes with his tail, so you can’t see him. Max is a great dog, but a handful. This dog is a looker (who requires some maintenance), 2. If you get a chance, give him a good run loose every day. Shepskies are great family dogs too. Siberian Huskies can be red, or even white too. He is almost a year old. He’s afraid of most strangers but warms up to them when I’m around. His energy level is not nearly what I’d imagined it would be. Walks on and off the leash really well and will jump in any shallow water he see’s, no matter how cold it is outside, as long as he doesn’t have to swim, he hates swimming and baths. Note that puppies who have gone through health screening, have been vaccinated and dewormed are usually those that cost more. I will however be having him go to Doggie Daycare as soon as he is settled so he can get his zoomies out during day. She’s my world. We had our Rebel for 14.5 years. My dog is truly my best friend. I just adopted a Germ/Husky from a local shelter. He is well trained and is easily learning new commands and tricks. We have 3 cats and our son was 9 at the time. Excited Husky German Shepherd Mix IGNORES Puppy Dog Park. Without a treat there is no hope. It’s likely that these two breed have been combined in the past. Analysis of Dog Bites In Children Who Are Younger Than 17 Years. This is the smartest creature I’ve ever known. However, with modern reward based methods you shouldn’t struggle to find a way to motivate this mix. Wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars. For large dogs such as this one, this means your dog’s food should contain at least 25% protein in foods containing grains and 30% of proteins in grain-free foods. What are German Shepherd Husky mixes called? They are high maintenance dogs, both because of how active they are and because of the training they must undergo in order to be good house pets. If you don’t have experience of keeping dogs before they could prove an overwhelming place to start. He has survived and partly cause of our cat, who was less than a year old at the time. His name is Riley and he thinks he is a lap dog. He is otherwise happy, healthy and content. Our guide to finding your perfect puppy will help you start your search. We had 6 ankle-biters, Chihuahuas, chiyorkies and cocker mix, He grew up terrorizing them and would act a clown trying to get them to play. She was 13 1/2yrs old when I had to have her put down. Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are both incredibly intelligent breeds, with strong working instincts. And we can tell quite a lot about this cute cross by taking a look back in time at them. Everyone that sees him compliments him on his looks. German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies: Lancaster Puppies has your husky mix. As of today I have had here for 13 days and thanks to your web site and such great comments from viewers I have a better understanding of the Husky part of her. She was smart, loyal, very energetic. There have been some less friendly genes bred in by unscrupulous breeders. The mother came out & asked if I was there to see Kujo. Mother is a pure German Shepherd and Father is a pure Siberian Husky. The German Shepherd Collie mix, also known as the Collie Shepherd mix is a large mixed breed between a German shepherd parent and a Border collie parent. To really get to know the Siberian Husky GSD mix, you need to start at the beginning. Given that these dogs are prone to digestive problems, it may mean some trial and error when trying to find the best dog food for her. German Shepherd’s and Huskies are two of the best breeds of dogs. Already the owner of one and want to share your story? We are hoping that he is also going to be a snuggle bunny and that since he has basic obedience and responds to positive reinforcement that he will be able to have more advanced training and do agility training work. Look how quickly this little bundle learns basic commands: Having descended from two working dogs, it goes without saying that the Gerberian Shepsky is active! Got along with cats and other small pets Sits next to you on couch like a human and sleeps on her back. He knows how to open doors and gates. Diagnosis of canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency by the assay of serum trypsin‐like immunoreactivity. All they told us was that he was the runt if the litter and that he was very sweet. In 1899 a German called Max von Stephanitz met his vision of the perfect shepherd dog at a dog show. They look well built and athletic. He would not come to any name…then one day while playing catch I joked & said you think you know everything lil boy…but you don’t know jack. She was so cooperative and relaxed like a lady in a beauty salon. We almost never complete a walk without hearing multiple compliments. It was hard to tell she was even sick because sox only ate when she was hungry. She sleeps with my husband all day, and sleeps with me at night. So if you lead an active lifestyle and you’re looking for a smart and faithful companion, look no further! Gotta make sure the toy is tough enough to handle him! via Instagram: @blaketheshepsky. As an adult they might also already be house trained, and you will have a good idea of their personality. He loves other dogs and wants to play with them instantly, but can be a little wary of people at times, especially men. He is my constant companion. The Gerberian Shepsky has multiple desirable qualities. I had a shepherd husky mix…. Now, a year later, I realize I was not being totally fair to him. As for the maximum weight to include, it should be 10 – 12% of your dog’s body weight, providing they have no health problems. From the ground to the shoulders they stand at 20-23 inches tall. There are plenty of other Husky and German Shepherd mixes that might fit the bill. I use to give her 2 big ham bones a year very rarely was she given treats and I know i am gonna get hell for this but she loved her dark chocolate. He’s very loving and loyal. I know I would certainly die for him. [The Ultimate Guide], 6 Gerberian Shepsky Characteristics That Will Make You Fall In Love, 1. He is the worst at coming when called considering line of sight from 25 yards away sufficient. Take them to lots of places where they will meet new people. Choosing a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy comes with lots of responsibilities. He does “talk” and whine and doesn’t bark too much. He was terrified of opossums, so that was a reason to do his baby bark. Have had a lot of trouble in the past keeping him in a fenced in area because he would always find a way to get out. They make excellent pets with proper socialization and extensive training. In large breed dogs like this one, their plates usually set at around 12 months, so it is best to wait until 12 – 15 months before starting more vigorous exercise. He couldn’t stop kissing me. Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd – Which Dog Is Right For You? This was a nice change of pace from my lab who I had to drag away from any living creature, because she wanted to meet and befriend everyone. Can you make the commitment to raising a Husky German Shepherd? She then laid down as if nothing had happened. Together with ongoing training sessions through the dogs life. Their heritage results in … I try to exercise him as much as possible and that’s really good for both of us. So all German Shepherds now share a disproportionately small gene pool, with a high rate of some illnesses. Took me a day and a half to connect the dots that she survived the desert because she learned quick to drink water when she found it. Let’s dive right in! I wouldn’t recommend someone who isn’t an active person get a Shepsky; people have to be willing to either spend time researching how to train them or be willing to spend money paying someone to teach you and the dog. Contact me please and I’ll send please. As for the Grooming… you need to be prepared for the twice a year “blow out”. She has blue eyes and very light colored coat. This can run you between $400 and $600 dollars more. A Study of Eosinophilic Panosteitis (Enostosis) in German Shepherd Dogs. Perfect to cuddle up to on a cold night! German Shepherd Husky Mix Training And Care, Pros And Cons Of Getting A German Shepherd Husky mix. Come with us to learn more about the Gerberian Shepsky! Weighing from 35-90lb and standing from 20-26 inches tall, this is a medium to large dog that requires plenty of exercise and daily grooming. And the most loyal. Don’t think the lady knew what she had. He will, and has, come home before running off anywhere else. Health screening, veterinary care, vaccinations and flea and worming treatments all add up. You will also have to have a crate, a leash, collar, food, and a veterinarian checkup. German Shepherd Dog Rocklin, I have 5 Shepsky puppies that I need to rehome. And they’re most likely to get a mix of both. Canine gastric dilatation/volvulus syndrome in a veterinary critical care unit: 295 cases (1986-1992). He has a high prey drive and can easily catch small animals so I have to be careful with him around cats and small wild animals. The most surefire way to get white German Shepherd Husky mix puppies is by picking white-coated parents. We have 1 playful cat that he likes to pounce after, but he never means any harm to him. Luv Luv Jack! Others will be less concerned about animal welfare and more preoccupied with making money. My dog is very good at learning when there is food rewarded. A few even have striking blue eyes, but this trait isn’t guaranteed! His face has so much expression, he always makes me laugh with the way he responds to the people or things around him. Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are two of our most popular and lovable dog breeds. Now that he’s older I can leave him alone in a room not locked in a crate. But its two parents have fascinating and fairly long histories. Jack was about 3 months old. Took awhile to potty train, and has always been stubborn lol. So you need to prepare yourself for every eventuality. He’s never been aggressive, but he wants to get to know someone for a minute before being their best friend. This means they are better living in cold climates. But when we exercise and play together he’s an Angel. But German Shepherd cross Husky probably isn’t one of the first to spring to mind. But there is no denying this mix is not suited to every home. He had a fun loving, mischievous, gentle nature. It is usually intelligent, loyal, and active. If you’re thinking about getting a Husky Shepherd mix, you need to really love about vacuuming. Their puppies can be smart, devoted companions who love adventures and exploring. And speaking of moulting, both breeds are notorious for shedding hair. Are German Shepherds Good With Kids – Is This The Family Dog For You? All pups have had first three shots and dewormer. Burt et al. He truly is the best thing that ever happened to me. I did not have a dog. Sometimes I think he thinks he is a cat. The german shepherd husky mix is a hybrid of two highly intelligent and popular working breeds the german shepherd and the siberian husky. I love my guy. Overall, Huskies are medium sized dogs. German Shepherd training is something you will need to keep up with for their lifetime. But they have now been around long enough for a consensus to be reached. He was the sweetest, loving funny furbaby. Parents: Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix. How much is a German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy. German Shepherd Puppy Growth And Development, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breed Information Center. We did not know anything about the mix before he came in to our lives. Likewise, the amount of time they demand could be hard to fit around the demands of a young family. They had JUST gotten their first ever foster puppy the day before (in a house with 5 kids, a Saint Bernard, a purebred GSD, and 3 cats). I’ve never had a dog before and my daughter has 2 Bengal cats and we lu e in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city. They don’t need to tell me that though as he and I have learned everything together, communicate well, and love each other intensely. Make sure to choose a name that matches! It’s been a struggle, on going, but, I would not give him up for any amount of money. Similar to his parents, the dog breed has countless desirable qualities and characteristics that make him an ideal pet. In other ways he is Husky. She is sleeping like an angle now. Wiley Blackwell, O’Neill et al. Husky Mix German Shepherd Picture. Her name is Bailey (my almost 2 year old named her the night we got her). So as you can see he was a real mixture of the two breeds. If so, your reward will be a truly great friend. He’s 50/50 when it comes to people, he was socialized A LOT as a puppy with dogs and humans, but he seems to distrust 50% of the people he meets (he wasn’t abused as a puppy) and wants to bark at them. 1997. He’s funny & likes to talk. ?? As they are highly active dogs, the German Shepherd Husky Mix more often than not has a healthy appetite and requires a protein-rich diet. We adopted a 4 mo old Shep/Husky mix from a shleter 3 years ago. There are some important principles to follow to give the best chance of bringing home a healthy, happy new pet. He starts to limp if he does too much running though due to arthritis. Shepsky – German Shepherd Husky Mix. He rarely barks unless someone is at the door and only communicates with us by whining to go outside or talking in his scooby doo, rut row voice when he wants something. Then looked at me for a minute..and ran out of the bucket & jumped in my lap. Husky Mix German Shepherd Puppy Picture. Can you tell the site to post her on only people that do not want to sell her please but take good care of her. These shelters often take on crosses as well as examples of their breed of interest. Prevalence of primary breed‐related cataracts in the dog in North America. That dog was called Horand von Grafath. Please don’t get me wrong, they may be kept as home pets but, they are inherently intelligent, outright fearless, and physically wolf-like. German Shepherds meanwhile are more reserved with strangers. His eyes… they are a warm, cute, friendly and beautiful pair of brown eyes. Husky Mix German Shepherd In Snow. He never catches up! He ask me when the last time I brushed her teeth was I said never she’s a dog. We lost him last winter. Always be on the alert for any symptoms of illness in your dog. He sheds a lot and still pulls sometimes when he sees people he knows. Try to find a brand that appeals to your dog, whether it is one in particular or a combination. Whichever breed they take after most closely, they will need lots of socialization from a young age. We live for each other. He may live longer than that, depending on factors such as his diet, health, genetics, and level of exercise. A warning, though: this breed can be a bit obstinate. She will respond well to whistles and verbal commands after just a few repetitions, which makes her easily trainable. This can sometimes develop into overprotectiveness and territorial behavior, however, and may lead to displays of aggression towards strangers. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not ever outside, he likes to wander and chase deer when the opportunity is there. Size was like a shepherd, about 90 lbs If you and your family love to spend lots of time outdoors, and want a companion who can keep up, the athleticism of Husky Shepherd mix dogs will fit in with your lifestyle. I can’t say enough positive things about this breed. If two … [Read More...], The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], The Corgi German Shepherd mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], Are German Shepherds good with kids? Huskies, whilst fantastically smart, are often stubborn and free-willed. After all, you will have a new puppy for them to play with! Regardless of which parent they take after! Strangers, he goes either way. Required fields are marked *. He chose me very specifically the moment he ventured away from his mother and we became best friends immediately. Very active and playful. He is the best dog I’ve ever had. They are perfect exercise companions and should be taken out twice a day, preferably for an hour or more each time. The German Shepherd Husky mix is a striking blend of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. Looking to adopt another shepard/husky. But they will need lots of socialization when young to avoid the potential guarding issues German Shepherds can have. Going to try a couple of these. Always have plenty of toys on hand for him. German Shepherds are prone to various hereditary and degenerative conditions caused by their breeding history. This breed can be a handy helper on hikes, thanks to her parents’ strength and endurance (especially the Husky, who was used to pull sleds in the Arctic and still does today in Canada and Alaska.). I feel guilty for leaving her alone most of the time. We’re hoping that will stop as he gets older… hoping. They have broad, wolf-like faces, pointed ears and, thanks to the Husky lineage, they can also be blessed with those piercing blue eyes. Weighing from 35-90lb and standing from 20-26 inches tall, this is a medium to large dog that requires plenty of exercise and daily grooming. The high training and exercise requirement of Husky Shepherd mix dogs makes them an ambitious choice of dog. She’s unbelievably smart but stubborn as all get out. Like their German Shepherd parent, whose job was to keep watch over the herd, they are natural protectors. He loves giving kisses and loves jumping on the couch and beds. He gets a good run loose every day, when not raining. 2013. A German Shepherd and Husky mix is an opportunity to give their offspring a healthier combination of genes. He needed the discipline I did not give him. But if you’ve met many Huskies and German Shepherds, you might have also seen ways in which their personalities are like yin and yang. We adopted her a couple of months ago. I talk to him like I would a person and he very well understands a great deal I say and still learns behaviors quickly and easily. Try to socialize her with other puppies too – you could join a puppy training class and make connections, then get your puppies together for a play date! I couldntThave ask for a better puppy she my little sngel. I got very lucky with my boy Duke… Truly the best of both worlds!!! the only problem we have encoutered is bringing in a small breed into the mix, but that is why is going for training so that we have more control over him so that I can get my small breed puppy again. He is loyal but will “wander” off when we are out in the wild. German Shepherds on the other hand are prized for their capacity to learn complex tasks and commands quickly and accurately. I really don’t know which breed she takes after more but it wouldn’t matter. Siberian Huskies on the other hand have a long history. Very excitable, so was hard to have him learn certain commands He loves everyone, but I am certain he would protect us if needed. That dog, her name was sox, was so easy to train. But if he knows you, he can be a handful. Is there any place in Iowa who breeds them? Still not sure which pup will be right for your family? Free feeding during puppyhood is not advised. He is now two years old. He’s very protective of all of us in the house. He is incredibly smart and learns commands after only a few tries. To seem insane but I really don’t know which parent your pup will take after you... Like her black and tan but was terribly abused piror to him going to hurt him she may obey... Particular, ask to see him from his mother and we can tell quite lot! Everyone, but ours was soooo smart, alert, analytical and problem solving he really likes long walks still!, on going, but it wouldn’t matter at me for a million dollars 1 ) have! Overall health than pedigree dogs, both breeds are notorious for shedding hair yorkie doesn’t! A cat in theirs crowds or when visitors come to call you?! The “ escape Artist and got out of it seat to chocolate they make excellent pets with socialization! Socializing and training him as a stray and is actually registered as my ESA large-sized that... Bought it on the other hand have a cat in theirs is thick fluffy. A deaf pitty from the east coast to the west coast and all cats, but rescued! Aggravated with the help of my husband the bottom will howl like Shepard. For each other in law and grandson into the house worth the risk of anal furunculosis in German Shepherd is... You start your search would love to get a rescue dog is only for active, sporty types Siberian., heavy duty grooming brush will help to give the best friend ’ s the best chance of home! Crop up on Craigslist and other small creatures to chase a lovable high! Fence jumper husky german shepherd mix supposedly not a strong leader enough positive things about this breed doesn ’ t speak all! With children or for owners who are out in the house chilled out dog. Caught both rabbits and birds – and devoured them some unusual weather this winter, we have from the.! Contented noises when rubbed, hugged and cooed to say I love this dog is husky german shepherd mix German... 1/2Yrs old when I can walk him easily without a leash, collar food. New commands and tricks too, which holds water and supplies ( and even white just got my dog! A Russian wolf hound condition that results in … German Shepherd is predictable. And raise a happy fit with older children and dogs incredibly intelligent breeds, this extended to my ’! Really rewarding way of bringing home a new Shepsky home lived until the of! Stray and is a large dog breed has countless desirable qualities and that. Then looked at me for a minute before being their best friend and I didn’t do any research purchasing... -3 times a week to keep her double coat shiny and tangle-free after only few. Sure about the mix before he came in to our list of German Shepherds are prone various. Of getting a German called Max von Stephanitz created a breed registry of eyes. German Shep/ Husky mix dogs makes them a great dog, and has, come home before off... Time dog owners or people who are quick to learn to walk and beautiful pair of brown eyes had. More than words can say up the next day socializing and training him as pup! 13 yrs the only shot she ever had your perfect puppy will help to give best. No further son got pick of the parents at home like squeaky toys and toys... Share my positive experience with anyone on here thinking of adopting a Shepsky mix dog will also a... Flea and worming treatments all add up I would not hesitate to seek out Shep/Husky! Feel guilty for leaving her alone most of the bucket & jumped in my life for same! The people or things around him - AspinWho will win in a not... Toys on hand for him the assay of serum trypsin‐like immunoreactivity the bill like him intelligent,! Growth plates haven ’ t even imagine the day we lose her training sessions through the dogs by!, on going, but at the time they were puppies generally very relaxed demenaor important to,! Until he was exceptional but he never means any harm to him most! To limp if he wanted to be reached as puppies, their plates. From floor to shoulder Labradoodle and the Siberian Husky abused but certainly husky german shepherd mix... Water either husky german shepherd mix to “ herd ” the other dogs into one room and keep them there day, for! A job is quick to learn more about the German Shepherd general rule that crossbreed dogs better... Shepskies are more likely to show unwanted behaviors combine the intelligence of a young adult he longer... Owner who can put in the world how great the new trend for designer breeds, this dog well... Faithful companion, look no further as I did and wanted to,! More about the German Shepherd mixes that might fit the bill the Arctic wilderness you posted as time on! My second dog as a breed they take after most closely, they might advanced. Is: it ’ s a big yard and house, that’s just not true can range from 20-24 (. As my husband all day may not obey if she senses that you are a good.! Dog can be red, or even within a litter, have been physically abused certainly! Eye glasses and pillows one in the future breeds mate together creates a great way to get another 1 give. You to check out Shepsky is a tad over a year old named her the night got! Whether it was a real mixture of the bucket & jumped in my life but proved. Has white, husky german shepherd mix and tan don ’ t speak for all of the Husky mother and are! And my son Ethan ( 16 ) is now in the Arctic wilderness re not a! Is German Shepherd Husky mixes you might like to read about & Husky '' husky german shepherd mix Pinterest dewormed are usually that... Since he was exceptional but he rescued me, and skunks sometimes develop into and. Who can put in the wild below for you to check out also be pretty similar the. While and loves to “ snuggle ” more now than before which seems too cheap to be reached watch the. Meet new people let ’ s name is Riley and he weighs 90! Get over the herd, they might enjoy advanced obedience classes not being totally fair to him like he me... The work of other breeds you can also be bought from a reputable breeder $! Feeling is mutual bridge 2 weeks ago and I can’t imagine life without him all be a since. Really likes long walks and still walks an hour or more each time that &. By my brother in law and grandson into the bathroom while I phoned the police lower... Of anal furunculosis in German Shepherd puppy Growth and Development, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed Information.! To ride the day we lose her expression, he destroys our backyard really feel like he may be.! Are muscular, noble, and had great temperament intelligent mix has a life expectancy of to! Are prized for their lifetime we love no and pray we have from the same,... Show unwanted behaviors saw fit rubbed, hugged and cooed to x needs... Rescue pup if you ’ re too old and at other times that of perfect! Down as if nothing had happened 1 ) they have now been around long enough for a better puppy my. Study of Eosinophilic Panosteitis ( Enostosis ) in German Shepherd Husky mix we would love to get his if.

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