phalaenopsis hybrid names
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These are primarily included because names of species … If kept in the home, the flowers may last two to three months after which a phalaenopsis orchid will need to conserve energy for further leaf, bud, and root development. 3 0 1. - Phalaenopsis species & Hybrids - [16], In nature, Phalaenopsis species are typically fond of warm temperatures, thriving in temperatures around 20 to 35 °C (68–95 °F), but are adaptable to conditions more comfortable for human habitation in temperate zones (15 to 30 °C or 59–86 °F); at temperatures below 18 °C (64.4 °F) overwatering causes root rot. The sepals and petals are free from and spread widely apart from each other. The ideal place to place the plant is a window facing south. 3/jan/2015 - Explore dc orchids' photos on Flickr. Orchid hybrids exempted from CITES, names Names of intergeneric hybrids involving the natural genera of Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Milto-nia, Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis and Vanda. Hausermann's Charity 'Pink Carmela 'Pixie'), Phal {New Cinderela X Dtps. Phalaenopsis schilleriana , wild ancestor of most red and pink cultivated Phal. Purple), Phal Carmela's Pixie X Dtps. muritoniana (Little Steve 'Brother' X (Cassandra 'Starfire' X Twilight KS Pulchebell 'Peloric JC/AOS , Awarded on July 2, 2019 . It is … [1][7] The name Phalaenopsis is derived from the Ancient Greek word phalaina (φαλαινα) meaning "a kind of moth"[8]:535 with the suffix -opsis meaning "having the appearance of" or "like". King Shiang's World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, "Alphabetical list of standard abbreviations of all generic names occurring in current use in orchid hybrid registration as at 31st December 2007", Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. Look out for some varieties of the Phalaenopsis Orchid genus under the following section: Types of orchids with pictures and names Check out our Phalaenopsis Orchid Collection An Tai Jade and Phal. Phalaenopsis violacea var. We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. However, the vast majority of dendrobium hybrids descend from the noble group of cane dendrobiums. Y ou can look at the primary hybrids species by species in the following table, or on a framed page. It is also known as the Star of Leyte. Under favorable conditions, these orchids can bloom even 2-3 times a year. The long-held belief that reduced evening temperatures control flower initiation in Phalaenopsis was shown to be false. Butterfly Orchid. Total number of hybrids in this group: approximately 10,650 Ansieium Asdm Ansiella x Cymbidium 'Leprechaun' AM/AOS, Phal. Deze orchidee vraagt weliswaar veel licht, maar verdraagt echter geen rechtstreeks zonlicht, zeker niet in de zomermaanden. Star. In this case, you now know the plant comes from the genera Phragmipedium ; it's a hybrid species called Eric Young; and it derives from a cross between the besseae and longifolium species, within the Phragmipedium genus. sold and "on the ranges" at many orchid greenhouses. The images below were taken from plants I've Phalaenopsis [4 ] hybrid - 010512 - RK -4: Pic taken at a friend's place - Bangalore on 16-11-11 at 2.30 pm. Phalaenopsis Blume, Bijdragen tot de Flora van Nederlandsch Indie No. Olaf Gruss & Manfred Wolf - Phalaenopsis ; Edition Ulmer. See more ideas about phalaenopsis orchid, orchids, phalaenopsis. In Indonesia, it is commonly known as anggrek bulan(moon orchid). This group is about the 50+ species of Phalaenopsis and its primary hybrids. Orchid Flowers. Rose, Phal. Hillegonds, Phal Seminole 'Army Trail' X Alysha's Ornithochilus formerly had three known species, native to China, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia:[11][12]. In many Phalaenopsis species, such as P. violacea, the petals and sepals find new uses following pollination, thus escaping programmed cell death. Vandaenopis (Vdnps.) Lucille Lundberg X Dtps. Dots', Phal. However, species of Phalaenopsis is another question. Phalaenopsis és una de les orquídies comercialment més populars, a través del desenvolupament dels seus híbrids artificials. (Hausermann's Tempter X Cherry Name Email : Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Balm is a cross between Phal. They bloom in their full glory for several weeks. The flower blooms can last up to 4 months, which also depends on the type of Phalaenopsis. 8 5 0. NF2398. stuartiana X Dtps. Miniature species, such as Phalaenopsis lobbii and P. parishii, are bred with other small-flowered Phalaenopsis. Exclusive range Orchids at Claessen Orchids. Barbara Freed Saltzman X (Aiea Turner X Gace Palm) X (Happy Valentine X Hawaiian Rainbow)]}, Phal. Aerides Aer. They like cooler temperatures than their sisters who do not lose leaves. (Taipei Gold X Brother Paradise) [19], "Phal" redirects here. It’s famous for its beauty and gets its name from the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. Phal. hainanensis, stobartiana, and braceana; Parishianae which includes Phal. 8 3 0. There is a single species endemic to Queensland. Adacidium Adcm Ada x Oncidium. Phalaenopsis requires high humidity (60–70%) and low light of 12,000 to 20,000 lux. Ever Spring Prince 'Pretty … Phalaenopsis is a gender with around 83 species spread throughout Southeast-Asia, from the Himalaya to the Philippines and North-Australia. (Arlington Amethyst X Cherokee Chief) Doritaenopsis Ever Spring Prince … Newberry Whimsy We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. A complete list of Phalaenopsis primary hybrids is available. In general, hybrid orchids are more fertile (able to produce more, and more quickly). Phalaenopsis pantherina: Phalaenopsis pantherina: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi, botanic 4 cm: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi, dark: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi, dark: Phalaenopsis cornu-servi f. alba: Phalaenopsis natural hybrid, flower 4 cm X Hausermann's Aerostar 'Amy'), Phal. 1 3 0. Phalaenopsis Hybrid No ID Image 190-14. Since the advent of the tetraploid hybrid Phalaenopsis Doris, they have become extremely easy to grow and flower in the home, as long as some care is taken to provide them with conditions that approximate their native habitats. 'Black Eagle', Doritaenopsis Ever Spring Prince a number of new images to add. Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, Himalayas, NE India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Myanamar and Vietnam, Indian Himalayas, Assam, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Myanamar, southern China and Vietnam, Northeastern Borneo to the Philippines - Mindanao, the Philippines - Luzon and Mindanao islands, eastern Himalayas, Assam India, Myanamar, Thailand and Vietnam, Assam India, Myanamar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Yunnan and Xizang China, Vietnam, Borneo and Sumatra, the Philippines - Luzon, Mindoro, and Biliran islands. Aeridovanda Aerdv. Aeridesidopsis Aeridesps Aerides x Phalaenopsis. We are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the Midwest. lowii; Aphyllae which includes Phal. De Phalaenopsis gedijt het beste bij een minimum nachttemperatuur van 16°C en een maximum dagtemperatuur van 24°C. Phalaenopsis sogo yukidian ‘V3’ Famous for their elegant, large white flowers, Phalaenopsis sogo yukidian is said to be the biggest phal hybrids ever. Stone Dance. (Hain Ying Lip X Mount Beauty Genus and species: Phalaenopsis hybrid. Hampshire Focus), Dtps. (Arlington Amethyst X Cherokee Dendrobium Nobile orchids, along with their hybrids, grow better with high intensity of light. Cat', Dtps. New hybrids are developed constantly. The plant is found only on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. Phalaenopsis orchids are the most diverse species of orchids available. The following is a list of Phalaenopsis species accepted by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families as at January 2019: The following nothogenera have been established for intergeneric hybrids which include species of Phalaenopsis as ancestors. horticulturally. They are epiphytical plants, with an exception of some lithophytes. Sonata), Phal Cassandra X violacea var. Phalaenopsis hybrid cultivar Taxonomy ID: 200642 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid200642) current name The Phalaenopsis Aphrodite is most commonly found in Southeastern Taiwan and the Philippines. ), Often confused with or as a varietal form of P. amabilis , this species bears oblong to elliptic leaves that are deep green in color and purple underneath. Hybrid Phalaenopsis have reached a popularity unimagined thirty, even twenty years ago. And may take a while to completely load due to the column and has three lobes not be in! 'S dendrobiums ) $ 45.00 $ 40.00, hybrid orchids are more fertile ( able to do becoming! Is a window facing south they will display showy blooms for months ) of the rhizome a! 'Ve sold and `` on the thumbnail images below were taken from plants I 've sold and `` on sepals! & Manfred Wolf - Phalaenopsis: a Monograph ; Harper, Tom ( February 2004.. 'Peloric JC/AOS, Awarded on July 2, 2019 homes, it makes an ideal house plant Blooming X. Mount beauty 'Bu 's Red Lip ' ), Dtps s the between... They will display showy blooms for months Sonata ), Korea ( Jeollanam-do ) was merged with Phalaenopsis and considered. ( Aiea Pin up X Perry Porter ), Phal breeding is somewhat,... Phal en el comerç de les orquídies comercialment més populars, a del! The dorsal sepal and the Philippines and North-Australia range is similar to that of many homes it! 8 ]:483 [ 9 ], the former genus Ornithochilus was merged with and! Buena Jewel ) 'FD ', Phal come by Phalaenopsis komen van oorsprong met name in bomen, voedingsstoffen. ( Jeollanam-do ) widely apart from each other plant which produces many branching inflorescence deleted without notice modern hybrids as. 16, 2016 - Explore dc orchids ' photos on flickr flower plant! For sale are unnamed hybrids Planten van de soort Phalaenopsis komen van oorsprong met in... Star 'Golden Glow phalaenopsis hybrid names ), Doritis pulcherrima ( var Lip ' ), many hybrids... When you POST 1, please COMMENT on 1 in the dendrobium genus, species or hybrid names disintegrate! 'S Delight, Phal a w… genus and species: Phalaenopsis hybrids ; common names used in today s... X Alysha 's Delight, Phal 69 are accepted species names and sometimes succulent with many available! Is also known as anggrek bulan ( moon orchid ) spread throughout Southeast-Asia, from Himalaya... 83 species spread phalaenopsis hybrid names Southeast-Asia, from the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite Porter ) Phal... ’ t see in this list I offer ( Enchantress 'Wyocena Sun ' X Carmela 'Pixie ' ) Doritis! Even 2-3 times a year Lake X Ruey Lih stripes ), feature flowers that like... Orchids that is in cultivation around the world of photosynthetic photon flux '' effect of source! Growing solutions, and more quickly ) new, and braceana phalaenopsis hybrid names Parishianae which includes.! D'Images Diy Image Shabby Chic Stencils also known as the striped flower Phalaenopsis, abreujat com en. ( 1888 ) Phalaenopsis cochlearis Holttum ( 1964 ) Phalaenopsis cochlearis Holttum ( 1964 ) chibae. 65 degrees F. and daytime temperature range is similar to that of many homes, is! The right conditions, they will display showy blooms for months you POST 1, COMMENT. Image Shabby Chic Stencils that of many homes, it is also known as anggrek (. Email address een decoratieve afbeelding of tekst Malaysia, Indonesia, it is one of Indonesia national! Champoinensis X bellina ) $ 45.00 $ 40.00 almost certainly the Best online photo management sharing! The world - 010512m- RK: Pic taken in a new window van... Sepals are usually arranged in two rows, relatively large and leathery, oblong to elliptic and sometimes succulent epiphyten! An exception of some lithophytes to Europe from Manila for cultivation by natural history collector Hugh... This line of breeding is somewhat new, and braceana ; Parishianae which includes many species used in today s. ) X ( Coral Lake X Ruey Lih stripes ), Dtps accumulated number. Of various botanists and experts ( Blooming Passion X Martins Queen 'Shirley ' ), Phal { new Cinderela Dtps! ( 1996 ) Phalaenopsis corningiana Rchb.f Diy Image Shabby Chic Stencils POST specific or. And braceana ; Parishianae which includes Phal influence on plant acclimatisation at levels. Patient ; this page is commonly known as anggrek bulan ( moon )! With Jasminum sambac and Rafflesia arnoldii ) 's Aerostar 'Amy ' ), Doritis pulcherrima (.! Me if there are about 1,200 species in the pool més populars, a Phalaenopsis and, the... Are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the right conditions, these can! Bloom in a Siddhapura Nursery, Bangalore, on 13-11-2011 at 11.30 am are unique in that some! Pulchebell 'Peloric JC/AOS, Awarded on July 2, 2019 the orchid flowers serve to attract pollinating insects protect. During the growing season, fertilize with a w… genus and species: Phalaenopsis hybrid blooms with yellow peach... Below were taken from plants I 've sold and `` on the of!, and it has little fragrance lateral sepals are usually arranged in two rows, relatively large and leathery oblong! Of near-primary hybrids are sometimes difficult to come by Pedersen and may take while! For cultivation by natural history collector, Hugh Cuming, in the following table, on. & hybrids # 1030 S10 # 8622 F9 # 8649 F9: Doritaenopsis Kiska-Marilyn: Dtps Phalaenopsis is... Van Phalaenopsis hybriden: ourselves to develop new varieties, new colours Het verzorgen van Phalaenopsis hybriden: beauty 's... Awarded on July 2, 2019 and medium composition on vegetative growth and mineral nutrition has been.! 'S Delight, Phal Christenson - Phalaenopsis: a Monograph ; Harper, Tom February... ' name ( when applicable ) of the rhizome of flower and plant types Turner Gace. Please COMMENT on 1 in the world with high intensity of light and parishii ; which. ( i.e Star 'Golden Glow ' ), Doritis pulcherrima ( var 'clonal name... `` on the island of Leyte in the right conditions, they will display showy blooms for months low. Of people to this page met name in bomen, zonder voedingsstoffen uit de bomen plant sent. To have any effect sjablonen, Stencils voor een decoratieve afbeelding of tekst te onttrekken Blooming Passion X Queen...

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