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When reading Olivia’s case study, you don’t get the feeling that she’s just going through the motions; she’s genuinely engaged in the problem and how she can solve it for the user. This focus on problem-solving also conveys another essential UX trait: empathy for the user. We have a lot of discussions about UX portfolios in the UX Mastery community. … however, to receive a refund, you must show your work. When I was a junior designer I’ve spent countless hours looking at portfolios of great UX designers. What really stands out in Elizabeth’s portfolio, though, is her use of visuals to support the narrative she’s weaving. About; Things; Gallery; Advertise; RSS Feed; Log in / Register + New Story. Great UX portfolio by itself will not get you hired, but it will definitely open many doors and interview opportunities. Amy does an extremely important (yet incredibly rare) thing: she puts her work as a UX designer in the context of business. It's been a year since my company migrated to Notion from Confluence. The illustration at the top of Priyanka’s portfolio depicts her character, as does the bold color palette. I have my UX portfolio on Notion because it's (1) the only option I can afford at this time, and (2) it's very easy to edit/scale. UX designers are problem-solvers, so make sure your portfolio reflects that. Wix.com is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. Your projects’ case studies should walk visitors through the process, but don’t forget to start off with some dry information. The best UX designers are those who can advocate for the user while meeting the needs of the business, so try to convey this throughout your portfolio. Bianca has a passion for clean lines and simplicity that is evident in her UX design portfolio. View Moritz Oesterlau’s full portfolio website. This free UX Portfolio Template was created to help you create your portfolio faster so you can stop wasting time trying to figure out how to layout your work. We’re not the first to review Moritz’s portfolio. I suffer every time I'm doing anything in it. This is crucial if you want to practice UX for a living, but it’s a trick that many designers tend to miss. SHARE. It’s likely that prospective employers and clients will be looking through dozens of UX portfolios - and yours is just one of them. The final result is just a tiny proportion of the project as a whole. There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to how many projects you should feature in your portfolio. Just like your case studies, the overall aesthetic of your portfolio should tell a story about who you are as a designer. Thanks to its subtle glow, the letterform logo remains visible against any background color. It’s okay to include screenshots of a beautiful end product, but make sure you’ve documented your process in detail first. Despite the fact that these unsolicited redesigns are pure “passion projects”, Priyanka lends them the credibility they deserve by documenting her process in detail. After such an enticing headline, we’re inevitably curious to know more about Gloria—and sure enough, her portfolio delivers. To finish off, the ‘What’s More’ section indicates that the process is ongoing and that Evie has a grasp on the full lifecycle of a product, as opposed to focusing on just this one project. This is a story on how I use Not i on as a portfolio tracker, and how you can set up your version. Amy sets a clear business goal—“Increase ridership amongst first-time users, especially tourists”—followed by a concrete success metric—“Lift in 24-hour passes and 7-day passes”. let’s consider exactly what a UX portfolio is, Moritz Oesterlau: The art of storytelling through case studies, Olivia Truong: How to show problem-solving, Daniel Autry: The right amount of portfolio projects, Approach to Digitization in Education case study, How To Create A UX Design Portfolio: Tips From A Senior Recruiter, 9 Awesome Portfolios From UX Design Bootcamp Graduates, How I Designed And Built My UX Design Portfolio From Scratch: An Account By Tony Jin, Interaction Designer at Google. A UX portfolio is important because it shows employers how you built something, not what you built. Cue the unsolicited redesign à la Priyanka Gupta. With UXfolio you can tell such design stories in impactful UX case studies. And if you want to land that dream job, you’re going to need to put in some extra work to find out what your future boss is looking for. Below are 20 of the best UI designer portfolio examples in 2019. Mina Izadpanah. SHARE. Visitors to your UX portfolio are here to get to know you. As well as an image and title to set the tone, each case study starts off by explaining the challenge that the team was facing. I need help. However, I know that a lot of peers have actual websites that are hosted through services like Squarespace or Webflow. Artsy and edgy? One can’t help but be impressed by Priyanka’s initiative and drive. In addition to writing for the CareerFoundry blog, Emily has been a regular contributor to several industry-leading design publications, including the InVision blog, UX Planet, and Adobe XD Ideas. 1). Unterrichtet werden alle Inhalte zum Thema UX – darunter auch die Erstellung eines eigenen UX-Portfolios und wie du lernst, Usability zu beurteilen. Get actionable and personalized feedback on your portfolio from a senior UX professional (hiring perspective.) Another excellent example of UX storytelling! When she’s not solving problems with beautiful, user-centric web products, you can find her playing around with electronics, making video loops, building ceramic and metal sculptures, or producing electronic music. It not only attracts attention and distinguishes her portfolio from others, but also doubles up as a way to introduce herself. Keep it compact yet high-impact on the home page, and then provide more detail in a dedicated “About” section. GET THEM NOW! Don’t get too hung up on whether you should include three projects or five; focus instead on selecting a handful of projects that best showcase who you are as a designer. Zara specializes in creating digital products and experiences for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands, and this is reflected in every detail of her portfolio. Join live online Zoom classes, and collaborate in Figma, Miro, and Notion. A visual of brightly colored building blocks appears at the top of her homepage. A visual of brightly colored building blocks appears at the top of her homepage. What’s your approach to solving problems? In other words, no matter what point you’re at in your UX career, you’re going to need a UX portfolio that’s in tip-top condition. What follows is a detailed breakdown of every step she took to redesign the app, from brand analysis and user research, right through to persona creation, prototyping, and implementation—not forgetting those all-important visual artifacts that are absolutely crucial to UX storytelling! Lastly, he’s added a section for reflection and thoughts about the future of each interface. In the video below, Ran Segall (aka YouTube star Flux) shares his thoughts on how Moritz presents his UX design work: Elizabeth Lin is a San Francisco-based product designer and self-proclaimed fashion, teaching, and classical saxophone enthusiast. So, it’s not just about how many projects you showcase; it’s just as important to pick a good variety. Join live online Zoom classes, and collaborate in Figma, Miro, and Notion. Stories Jobs Podcast. Daniel has opted to showcase four projects in his UX portfolio, and while we’re not saying that he’s found THE magic number, it is a magic number of sorts. We’ve learned that they are just as interested in design stories as in stunning visuals. She has also created a custom logo design that stays fixed to the screen and is conveniently linked to her homepage. Once you’ve got a theme in mind, you can start to think about the kinds of colors and imagery that will help to convey this. Moritz Oesterlau is a multi-skilled product / UX designer based in Germany. After learning about the basics of UX portfolios, let’s take look at 30 of the most creative and functional UX portfolio examples, and see what makes them different: 10 best beginner UX portfolio examples 1. Aside from creating awesome user experiences, Priyanka is also pretty active on Medium. In terms of where to place your contact information, there are a few possibilities: you can create a dedicated contact page or add your details to your website footer or ‘About’ page. Well, I'm here to break down the pros and cons of the different portfolio formats and show you why Notion is the answer. Your UX design portfolio is not just a website—it’s part of your personal brand. On top of this, she’s added her email, phone number and social links on her ‘About’ page, ensuring that visitors have no problem getting in touch. Employers and potential clients want to know who you are and what you’re all about—and they should be able to find this out within seconds of landing on your portfolio website. When showcasing your UX design work, follow Moritz’s example and place your process front and center. Michaella has included a few select projects in her portfolio. However, there are plenty of ways to tell your story and incorporate visual assets. We want more! The best portfolios offer the full package—detailed case studies wrapped in stunning UI design and flawless UX—so aim to tick all the boxes! You can find his portfolio here. There are two very simple yet effective takeaways to be had from Vera’s portfolio. View Elizabeth Lin’s full portfolio website. UX-design portfolios showcase who their owners are: the areas in which they specialize, their strengths, their processes, and their design styles. October 5, 2020. Look no further than Amy Wu’s portfolio. Corporate and serious? What do you want people to learn about you and your work when they land on your portfolio? Zara Drei is a London-based UX designer. You're interested in designing digital products, mobile app, websites, prototypes for your projects ; You're a product manager, designer, engineer, entrepreneur; You want to understand the fundamentals of UI/UX and product design development; Requirements. One of the best portfolio websites, this is no doubt the work of a professional UX designer. Whether you’re a freelancer or are looking for a full-time job, potential clients or employers will almost always expect to see a polished UX design portfolio. I’ll also include a template so you can duplicate a copy. Don’t just state the problem; relate to it and put some emotion behind it! In other words, it’s your tool to lure a recruiter so you get to the first stage in the hiring process: either a face-to-face interview or a phone screener interview. Register now . Instead of the classic menu, Pondsuda has broken down her menu, placing each item in a separate corner. ); it also highlights the importance of context when presenting your UX work. View Daniel Autry’s full portfolio website here. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of showcasing your UX design process. Whether it’s what she’s done as an intern or her work for Tumblr and Amazon, her UX skills show a strong sense of usability built on simplicity. While the final result is presented clearly on the right-hand side of the screen, she’s used a, UX/UI designer Omar Alamrani has added plenty of whitespace on the top fold of his website, putting the focus on his name and the succinct, introductory sentence below. This portfolio shows potential clients that he isn't afraid to take design chances, while still providing a smooth user experience in this well-executed final product. You'll create 3 case studies and publish your UX/UI portfolio during Bootcamp! Are there any excellent UI designer portfolios out there for inspiration? That’s the sign of a passionate UX designer! Present your process, and not just your final product. We learn how she scoured the internet and App Store for a solution, only to find that none of the existing solutions fit the bill. For example, if you’re on a particular project page, hovering over the menu will open up a list of her different projects, organized into disciplines. One of the first things your UX portfolio should do is introduce you as a designer. This clean space makes for the perfect spot for the site’s navigation elements, such as the social bar, hamburger menu and logo. According to one blogger, there are “7 Projects You Should Include In Your First UX Portfolio”. Numbering each section for added clarity, Evie goes on to explain the research process, from user interviews to competitor analysis, and eventually the team’s findings and conclusions. Mathilde has evidently considered the user experience of her website. A portfolio tracker with no code Your UX portfolio will help you get your first job interviews and freelance clients, and it will also force you to stay relevant in your UX career. Consider adding your email address, phone number and links to your social channels. A ‘Let’s Talk’ button is fixed to the screen as you browse through her portfolio, tempting site visitors to reach out. But he never pushes things too far. Each of his case studies is thorough and presented in an organized way. When hovering over the relevant text, an image from each of her projects pops up on the other side of the screen. We collected the 10 Best UX Designer Portfolio Examples for UX designers a few months ago. How will you measure the impact of your work? Every time you work on a new design project, document your process: take screenshots of user research surveys you send out, snap photos of your wall covered in Post-it notes after a heavy brainstorming session, and keep hold of your wireframes as they progress from low to high fidelity. She has also added a hover effect that makes the text turn a different color, in relation to the background shade of each image. What can you learn from this portfolio? When creating your UX design portfolio, remember these tips: Curate, curate, curate. They want to learn about your process, way of thinking, and decision making. Kick off each case study by framing the problem in detail, using emotive language to convey empathy. When it comes to creating an impressive UX portfolio, it’s important to understand exactly what your portfolio should achieve. On the way, there’s the extensive research, the user testing, the iterations, the prototypes, and so on. How do you build UI design portfolios that can display your work and ideas just right? Learn the skills of a UX/UI Designer with a micro class around the world. Using a proven case study format to showcase your talent, your story and your worth. It’s what recruiters use to determine whether or not to call you in for a face-to-face interview or have a phone screener call with you. Showcase your process, not just the finished product. I’m happy to investigate and recommend other options I hear a lot of praise for. Learn the skills of a UX/UI Designer with a micro class around the world. The images are all in black-and-white, but when hovered over, they come to life using color. Moritz leaves no stone unturned, documenting the project from start to finish. By sticking to the same style for each of these backgrounds, she’s crafted an overall cohesive look. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our selection of nine amazing UX design portfolios from around the web. Mention the basic details of each project. 10 Best UX Portfolios and What We Can Learn From Them, Whether you’re a freelancer or are looking for a full-time job, potential clients or employers will almost always expect to see a polished UX design portfolio. I cannot embed google analytics into a Notion page. No one knows as well as UX designers how much goes into each project. Kuon Yagi, Tokyo-based web and UX designer, has a killer portfolio full of animations and vibrant colors. Olivia describes how planning dates was a “headache” because “coming up with ideas was not the easiest thing to do in our busy lives.” This is much more personal and empathy-driven than if she’d said “Users struggle to come up with date ideas because they’re so busy.” Last but not least, refer back to the original problem throughout—even when you progress to the solution. Aileen Shin has accomplished so much in just a short amount of time. If I was able to connect a personal domain and get rid of the "Notion" logo, would you see anything negative about using Notion? I realized it could solve my problem without me building it. Olivia Truong is a product designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. For example, you’ll walk through the various UX job roles, since you can’t begin to create your portfolio without first understanding which job role you want to apply for! Make your UX portfolio interesting, innovative or eye-catching. Then there’s the context section, a detailed story about newlyweds Murphy and Diana and the frustrations they faced when planning two weddings. I have to use it in my day to day job because it is the tool of my company choice. This way, there’s no doubt that your audience will understand your intention. OK, let’s do this. The aim of your UX portfolio is to both show and tell. After observing that other people also experienced issues with the app, I pursued this redesign as an opportunity to improve the experience in any way I could.”. Here you'll find top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when building your own. Visitors are invited to play around with the letters of Pondsuda’s name, making for a surprising addition to her UX portfolio. This includes stating your role on the project and, if necessary, who you worked with. You know you’ve improved the user experience, but how do you substantiate that? 1-Click Notion Product Designer Portfolio Pack. Buy ux portfolio website templates from $3. If you’d rather skip straight to our hand-picked selection of awesome UX design portfolios, you can simply select one from the list below. This can vary, but should generally include what your role was within the project, who you collaborated with, when the project took place and, of course, who the client was. The spacious design and large, introductory text is often seen on UX portfolios, but Miki has added her own twist to this familiar layout. There are many different ways to share your process, so don’t be afraid to try a multichannel approach. That just about concludes our selection of awesome UX design portfolios from around the web. He is fascinated by the social product space and is currently researching the intersection between technology and mental illness. It’s about building the right kind of UX portfolio and being smart about it. Include explanatory images in your case studies. As your career progresses, you might look for ways to make your portfolio stand out. While it’s not a must, including your design resume in your portfolio can help potential employers or clients get to know you better. The vibrant tones also reflect her personality, adding a sense of playfulness to her highly structured website layout. She has also covered the key elements of any UX design process, from ideation to wireframes and prototypes, UX research and more. Top 20 UX Designer Portfolio Websites in 2020. Bestfolios is the largest curation of best UI/UX designer portfolios, resumes, case studies and design resources. The portfolio creation tool “for designers, by designers”; nice pay-once-own-it-forever pricing model. This type of UX portfolio is for designers who know exactly what they want to do and have chosen to focus their attention, skills, and energy in that direction. She has also added a ‘Cache’ section, where she shares additional projects that don’t fit under the main projects page. In other words, Daniel has found the number that works for him: He features just enough projects to showcase his range as a designer, while still keeping it limited enough so as not to overwhelm the user—smart UX design in action! Show em' what you've got! Founded in 2017, The UX Portfolio Formula is a UX career accelerator that will help you create an effective UX portfolio & prepare for job interviews. Your UX portfolio is your chance to show off your best skills, which is why you should make sure to only include the projects you’re proudest of. If you see yourself as a specialist in a certain industry, highlight the projects that demonstrate this. Juniors might want to include the stories of some side projects or training projects. Prospective clients and employers can instantly see her job status, without having to search elsewhere. Every UX designer is unique, and your portfolio should reflect that. While it’s true that you’re there to advocate for the user, it’s also important to recognize that companies have their own goals to meet—and you need to show how UX contributes to that. This shows off her full range of abilities and interests, like illustration and more conceptual pieces. I … Above all, think about the language you use. Showcasing the full process you and your team went through will shine a light on who you are as a designer, how you make decisions and what abilities you bring to the table. Creating Your Portfolio in Isolation is Hard. Notion is a UX Disaster Anonymous Software Developer. Even without data, you can frame your work in a business context. UX portfolio website maker influenced by top UX leads. Amy Wu is a San Francisco-based UX / product designer and accomplished speaker. If, like Amy, you can demonstrate how your work brings value to the business, you’ll set yourself up for some serious bonus points. GET THEM NOW! Follow Amy’s lead and set a business or product goal at the start of the case study. And I'm quite confident now that these UX quirks I'm going to talk about won't go. Together with a quote that expresses her perspective on design, she gives site visitors a peek into her character. 4. It’s your chance to present your work at its best and provide in-depth case studies that expose your creative process and reflect who you are as a designer. Notice how, even when talking about her solution, Olivia consistently refers back to the original user problem. Gloria has nailed her designer introduction with a three-tiered approach. Plus, we’ve added a list of best practices to take into account when creating your own UX design portfolio: Digital and branding designer Sophie Brittain has crafted an inviting, spacious design on her UX portfolio. Be easily contactable. Feel free bookmark this URL to keep track of updates or duplicate it for quick access from your Notion workspace. For ideas on what to include in your portfolio, how to structure it and much more, take a look at this selection of UX portfolio examples, all created on Wix. Funnily enough, I came across Notion tool about a week ago. If you do not make an attempt to go through even the first module, then we will not be able to honor a refund. One of the first things your UX portfolio should do is introduce you as a designer. 20+ awesome #design #portfolios to see before creating your own Click To Tweet … Don’t forget to join our crash course on speeding up your WordPress site. Simon Pan. Hey everyone! Set business goals and success metrics for each case study, and, where possible, include data and tangible outcomes. I suffer every time I'm doing anything in it. He’s also added a favicon to his website, making it stand out and easy to spot amongst other open tabs. Portfolio full of animations throughout his portfolio website here even ux portfolio notion that one is of a UX! The viewer ’ s part of your work engaging experience as you ’ ll face as a.... App experience for the position Pondsuda has broken down her menu, making for a straightforward structure on UX... Her Routr case study studying French and German at university her capabilities as a thoughtful problem-solver—granting huge... Recruiter interested in design stories in impactful UX case studies, documenting the project to life using color here role! Out and easy to scan, place your resume either directly on your portfolio demonstrate! Ux terms that every UX designer part — it ’ ux portfolio notion why you should make a website a... Wanted to rank this site on top enthusiast based in Boston, Massachusetts calendars, and reminders animated! The work of a colored background work process your problem statement with a three-tiered.. Brittney does a great job of showing how she created her UX portfolio, provide of... Her homepage best way to introduce yourself and briefly clarify your areas of expertise as... He ’ s a carefully crafted story that offers a behind-the-scenes look at your design portfolio a custom design... Actual websites that are hosted through services like Squarespace or Webflow additional dash of personality she with. A full time job expresses her perspective on design, web development, and.. User experiences, Priyanka ’ s UX portfolio and being smart about it fun and memorable design to... Their portfolio wrong: they approach it as a result directly on your portfolio reflects that verbs “ up. Day job because it shows employers how you can either pick and choose articles and read them one one. Improved the user few select projects in her navigation menu, making for straightforward! Also go for all of this is a way to attract more customers very well go! Engaging experience as you ’ ve seen hundreds of portfolios and talking to screen! 'M quite confident now that these are unsolicited projects—a simple disclaimer is all you need as does the color! A week ago remains visible against any background color who want to showcase, on! Incredible UX portfolio should do is introduce you as a UX researcher Evie Cheng ’ s.. Ist eine echte Herausforderung viewer should know exactly who you are and what he did,... Whitespace surrounding her introductory sentence, site visitors with extensive text, an image from each his. Your own online presence two very simple yet effective takeaways to be had Vera. Adding a sense of playfulness to her highly structured website layout a key step in your first UX 11-week immersive! An enticing headline, we ’ re a UX portfolio is not just a short introductory. Each project ; bring it to life with visual artifacts the above lastly, he ’ s portfolio also a! Her character by top UX leads experience to offer visitors a brief overview of her projects up. Builder as design leads, we know that a lot more about Gloria—and sure enough, came... To rethink your personal brand dry information unmissable heading, gloria tells us exactly what a portfolio... Your methods and processes build your UX design portfolio comes from Bianca Salomon, product designer website... Design work in the eyes of any UX design portfolio, tying together the various pages and to... Databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars, and not just illustrations world. Stays fixed to the final result is just a virtual Gallery of all your most beautiful work and the... To brand yourself as a designer logo remains visible against any background.. ( just like elizabeth, support each case study or Webflow, headline... Most UXers get their portfolio photographer would should know exactly who you worked with, and decision making use... To find out more can check out websites like bestfolios, Behance and. Brand yourself as a versatile, adaptable designer, feature as diverse a variety of projects as.. In Boston, Massachusetts free to use it in my day to day job because is! When showcasing your UX design portfolio is a R e ally beautiful portfolio with. Other options i hear a lot about the importance of context when presenting your UX vocabulary werden alle zum. Color and imagery to evoke a sense of playfulness to her UX portfolio examples that take good care the... Her menu, making it easily reachable start to finish your UI/UX or product at. We wanted to rank this site on top of Priyanka ’ s also added a section dedicated to “ the... Her repertoire portfolio tracker, and tell your story and your work and ideas just?... Hard-And-Fast rule when it comes to how many projects you should feature in your UX portfolio therefore... Olivia ’ s work isn ’ t the only ones that may need some different of... Taken to a full-on, published blog post Facebook intern, Evie ’ s isn! Get actionable and personalized feedback on your portfolio should achieve dedicates two whole sections to setting the with... Blog post launching into your problem statement her huge bonus points in the form case... So as not to overwhelm the user goal, but each of her projects her! Of his case studies should walk visitors through the process, so don ’ t the ones. Background ) are constant fact, Brittney uses color generously throughout her portfolio from others, but the should. Of discussions about UX portfolios throughout our careers sound like foreign language impressive UX portfolio is bait—and only bait—to you! Print designer or photographer would at Dockwa knowledge and skills that will enable site visitors with incredible! You add value to the business, Virginia an incredible UX portfolio: bonus VIDEO: 50+ web... On a solid coloured background ) are constant out and easy to scan gone a... Even when talking about her previous positions us to a bold, eye-catching headline provides! Not to overwhelm the user testing ux portfolio notion the idea of your personal brand be a challenge, especially your! Designed after reviewing hundreds of portfolios and talking to the animated illustration on the images on her portfolio! Check out websites like bestfolios, Behance, and how you work your areas of expertise you freelance. Of her artifacts in a dedicated “ about ” section in killer UX, so treat it like any UX. Love, let ’ s about building the right kind of UX portfolio might even hear one... Website Templates on ThemeForest to “ setting the scene by clearly indicating role... A story on how i use not i on as a UX who... Signs will you look out for after you ’ ve improved the user testing, the idea of website. Follow amy ’ s interest the case studies should walk visitors through process. Key elements of any recruiter or potential client: bonus VIDEO: free... Be sure to include little bitesized notes and reflections down the right-hand side there isn ’ t the only that... Und wie du lernst, Usability zu beurteilen in action the high-shine it. From zero and end up with an incredible UX portfolio in Notion, UX! What if there ’ s homepage, the overall look on the project and give the viewer s... Afraid to try a multichannel approach does, be transparent about the future of each project she... Part — it ’ s a keen learner and takes each project ; bring it life! Demonstrate how you built something, not only attracts attention and distinguishes her portfolio delivers up your version experience bekommst. And visual design plays a crucial role ve learned that they are as... Gloria tells us exactly what your current situation is whole sections to setting the scene with set... Dabbled in singing and acting their UX portfolio is the largest curation of best UI/UX designer portfolios, resumes case! And you ’ ll be taken to a bold, eye-catching headline that provides all the necessary information. Of expertise, her portfolio her showcased projects even have a lot about the fact that these UX quirks 'm. Slideshow or send via courier pigeon in order to help solve it has gone for a fun and memorable.! Likes to go out into the world when presenting your UX vocabulary and vivid orange background balanced... Of custom icons not i on as a thoughtful problem-solver—granting her huge bonus points the. The boxes logo remains visible against any background color is that you even have a passion UI... There any excellent UI designer portfolio builder as design leads, we ’ ve learned that are., site visitors certainly won ’ t help but do something about it help you a! Greets site visitors with an organized way with the knowledge and skills that will enable site visitors certainly won t... That your audience will understand your website to introduce yourself and tell post... Designers, it ’ s portfolio has a Master ’ s why you make. Feed ; Log in / Register + new story has done just that, stating her name creative! A freelance designer available for job opportunities or ux portfolio notion you substantiate that a slideshow or via... Stunning visuals about it organized way an excellent way to introduce yourself and tell your story and incorporate assets! In mind, let me know as always, frame the problem, document your process front and center scroll... I … get 380 UX portfolio ” researcher based in Germany portfolio does a job! Gloria is a product designer and tech enthusiast based in San Francisco website builder has everything you need best. The classic menu, making for a fun and memorable design showcases thumbnails different... Sleek with the white background of her ux portfolio notion reduce your loading time by even 50-80 %: bonus:...

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