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Against the … Assam has wildlife sanctuaries, the most prominent of which are two UNESCO World Heritage sites[63]-the Kaziranga National Park, on the bank of the Brahmaputra River, and the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, near the border with Bhutan. The tradition of modern moving theatres is typical of Assam with immense popularity of many Mobile theatre groups such as Kohinoor, Sankardev, Abahan, Bhagyadevi, Hengul, Brindabon, Itihas etc. Commonly consumed varieties of meat include Mutton, fowl, duck/goose, fish, pigeon, pork and beef (among Muslim and Christian indigenous Assamese ethnic groups). Tamulpan (the areca nut and betel leaves) or guapan (gua from kwa) are considered along with the Gamosa (a typical woven cotton or silk cloth with embroidery) as the offers of devotion, respect and friendship. Medium of instruction is mainly in Assamese, English or Bengali. 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More details given here. In 2001–02, the economy grew (at 1993–94 constant prices) at 4.5%, falling to 3.4% in the next financial year. Muslims are majority in almost eleven districts of Assam and also highest concentration found in four districts according to 2011 census. It would be inclusive of all religions and would empower our sisters by bringing transparency…One will have to disclose not only religion, but earning source. Other native languages of Tibeto-Burman origin and related to Bodo-Kachari are Deori, Mising, Karbi, Rabha, and Tiwa. Moreover, there are several other age-old dance-forms such as Barpeta's Bhortal Nritya, Deodhani Nritya, Ojapali, Beula Dance, Ka Shad Inglong Kardom, Nimso Kerung, etc. Religion. Assam is going to do something which won't be against any religion. Many a times even in same religion marriage we have found that the girl later finds that the husband is in an illegal business,” said Mr Sarma. The Tamulpan-tradition is an ancient one and is being followed since time-immemorial with roots in the aboriginal Austric culture. Male 71.28%, Female 54.61%. Initially, Assam was made a part of the Bengal Presidency, then in 1906 it was made a part of Eastern Bengal and Assam province, and in 1912 it was reconstituted into a chief commissioners' province. Assam Population by Religion. The region is prone to natural disasters like annual floods and frequent mild earthquakes. Up Next. The state is the last refuge for numerous other endangered and threatened species including the white-winged wood duck or deohanh, Bengal florican, black-breasted parrotbill, red-headed vulture, white-rumped vulture, greater adjutant, Jerdon's babbler, rufous-necked hornbill, Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, pygmy hog, gaur, wild water buffalo, Indian hog deer, hoolock gibbon, golden langur, capped langur, barasingha, Ganges river dolphin, Barca snakehead, Ganges shark, Burmese python, brahminy river turtle, black pond turtle, Asian forest tortoise, and Assam roofed turtle. The religion of ancient Assam was quite different. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is famed for its feral horses. [53] The hills of Karbi Anglong, North Cachar and those in and close to Guwahati (also Khasi-Garo Hills) now eroded and dissected are originally parts of the South Indian Plateau system. All three dynasties claimed descent from Narakasura. In the past, the celebration was primarily important in the religio-cultural sense. Assam population in 2021 is estimated to be 36 Million (3.6 Crores), As per Unique Identification India data, updated 31, May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 35,607,039. Later, in 1682, Koch Hajo was entirely annexed by the Ahoms. [155] According to the recent estimates,[154] per capita income in Assam has reached ₹6756 (1993–94 constant prices) in 2004–05, which is still much lower than India's. Some deaths are attributed to the floods. Khorika is the smoked or fire grilled meat eaten with meals. [119][120] The 1983 Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act, applied only to Assam, decreed that any person who entered the Assam after Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan in 1971 and without authorisation or travel documents is to be considered a foreigner, with the decision on foreigner status to be carried out by designated tribunals. Complete family details, education etc. Dec 14, 2020, 09:20 AM IST Latest Videos Assam govt to bring laws for transparency in marriage, says Himanta Sarma. Assam HS TET 2020- Official Notification. at 43–46 °F or 6–8 °C) and experiences heavy rainfall and high humidity. 72 pp+, Choudhury, A.U. Statute of Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Phani Sarma at District Library, Guwahati. Deusi Bhailo ( Traditional Nepalese songs that are sung during the festival of light " Dipavali, This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 22:00. Eastern Assamese districts, including Sivasagar and Jorhat, registered around 9 per cent population growth. There are approximately 564,000 Nepali speakers spread all over the state forming about 2.12% of Assam's total population according to 2001 census. The economy of Assam today represents a unique juxtaposition of backwardness amidst plenty. Symbolism is an ancient cultural practice in Assam and is still a very important part of the Assamese way of life. On 19 May 2016, BJP under the leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal won the Assembly elections, thus forming the first BJP-led government in Assam.[96]. [clarification needed][64] In addition to the above, there are three other National Parks in Assam namely Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Nameri National Park and the Orang National Park. [69] The recently established Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park boasts more than 500 of the estimated 1,314 orchid species found in India. There are 198 High Madrasa schools under the Secondary Education Board Assam (SEBA), and another 542 such institutions under the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), including four Arabic colleges, 138 senior madrasas and 230 … India is going to conduct it’s population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. The administrative districts are further subdivided into 54 "Subdivisions" or Mahakuma. The remains discovered in Daparvatiya (Doporboteeya) archaeological site with a beautiful doorframe in Tezpur are identified as the best examples of artwork in ancient Assam with influence of Sarnath School of Art of the late Gupta period. The water levels of the rivers rise because of rainfall resulting in the rivers overflowing their banks and engulfing nearby areas. The Assam territory was first separated from Bengal in 1874 as the 'North-East Frontier' non-regulation province, also known as the Assam Chief-Commissionership. Most of the schools follow the state's examination board which is called the Secondary Education Board of Assam. [159] During 2003–04 and 2004–05, the economy grew (at 1993–94 constant prices) at 5.5% and 5.3% respectively. According to the board, there are 1.3 crore Muslims in the state, of which 90 lakh are of Bangladeshi origin. It was partially annexed in the early 1500s by the Ahoms, finally getting absorbed in 1673 CE. The rainfall that began on July 12 has flooded the Brahmaputra, which in turn inundated around 26 districts thereby affecting more than 27.8 lakh people all across the state. In 1913, a legislative council and, in 1937, the Assam Legislative Assembly, were formed in Shillong, the erstwhile capital of the region. These districts do not have any international border. Tunkhungia Buranji or A History of Assam (1681–1826) 1968 page 206, Barbaruah Hiteswar Ahomar-Din or A History of Assam under the Ahoms 1981 page 320, Gait E.A. Three Bihus, rongali or bohag, celebrated with the coming of spring and the beginning of the sowing season; kongali or kati, the barren bihu when the fields are lush but the barns are empty; and the bhogali or magh, the thanksgiving when the crops have been harvested and the barns are full. Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The agitation ended after an accord (Assam Accord 1985) between its leaders and the Union Government, which remained unimplemented, causing simmering discontent. [citation needed], Another favourite combination is luchi (fried flatbread), a curry which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Last Updated: 1st December, 2020 09:31 IST Assam Plans Law For 'transparency In Marriage'; Will Mandate Religion & Income declaration The BJP-led govt in Assam has started drafting new legislation that will require the bride and groom to declare their religion and income in … Assamese literature dates back to the composition of Charyapada, and later on works like Saptakanda Ramayana by Madhava Kandali, which is the first translation of the Ramayana into an Indo-Aryan language, contributed to Assamese literature. A History of Assam 1926 Calcutta and Shimla Thacker & Co page 231, Bhuyan Dr. S.K. Traces of the language are found in many poems by Luipa, Sarahapa, and others, in Charyapada (c. 7th–8th century CE). The Assam minister, while cautiously gauging his words, also said, “This is an issue I will not say Love Jihad. Flood waters wash away property including houses and livestock. Moreover, symbolically many ethno-cultural groups use specific clothes to portray respect and pride. [191] The major milestones in the evolution of Assamese culture are: The modern culture has been influenced by events in the British and the post-British era. The table below shows the major original provinces during British India covering the Assam Province under the Administrative Office of the Chief Commissioner. The Chutiya (1187–1673 CE), a Bodo-Kachari group by origin, held the regions on both the banks of Brahmaputra with its domain in the area eastwards from Vishwanath (north bank) and Buridihing (south bank), in Upper Assam and in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The Assam government has decided to end religious discrimination, where religious education can no longer be given on government funds. Assam is perched on a precipice with extremely serious security implications for the country. A History of Assam 1926 Calcutta and Shimla Thacker & Co page 230, Bhuyan Dr. S.K. Spatial distribution patterns of the ethno-cultural groups, cultural traits and the phenomenon of naming all the major rivers in the North East Region with Bodo-Kachari words (e.g. Assam has seen rapid change in religious demography, since the beginning of the twentieth century. The archaeological sites such as the Madan Kamdev (c. 9th–10th centuries CE) exhibits mass-scale use of lions, dragon-lions and many other figures of demons to show case power and prosperity. Delhi Population 2020: Literacy Rate, Growth Rate, Gender Ratio, Punjab Population 2020: Gender Ratio, Census 2021, Literacy Rate, 2020 Bihar Population: Sex Ratio, Literacy, Projected Census 2012-2020 and More, 2020 Maharashtra Population: Sex Ratio, Literacy, Projected Census 2012-2020 and More, Haryana Population 2020: Gender Ratio, Census 2021, Literacy Rate, Meghalaya Population 2020: Gender Ratio, Census 2021, Literacy Rate, Sikkim Population 2020: Literacy Rate, Growth Rate, Gender Ratio, 2011: Literacy rate in Assam was 72.19% as per 2011 population census. The Koch kingdom in Western Assam and present-day North Bengal was at its zenith in the early reign of Nara Narayan (c. 1540–1587 CE). [200][201][202][203] Written during the Reign of Ahoms, the Buranjis are notable literary works which are prominently historical manuscripts. ), traditional silk garments (e.g. Tunkhungia Buranji or A History of Assam (1681–1826) 1968 page 199, Barbaruah Hiteswar Ahomar-Din or A History of Assam under the Ahoms 1981 page 299, Barua Gunaviram Assam Buranji or A History of Assam 2008 page 108, Gait E.A. Assam is one such state where the situation is worsening every day. What is literacy rate of Telangana? The number of Assamese Hindus in this state is 11,379,000, containing 36.50% of the state’s population at 2011 assessment. As per census 2011, Hindu are majority in Assam state. THE ASSAM Assembly on Wednesday passed a Bill to convert state-run madrasas into regular schools — stripping them of the status of centres for religious education —even as legislators from the opposition Congress and AIUDF staged a walkout after their demand to send the legislation to a Select Committee for consideration was rejected by the government. This move has come to light in the backdrop of several BJP-ruled states announcing laws to … The various Bengali dialects and closely related languages are spoken by around 9 million people in Assam, and the portion of the population that speaks these languages has grown slightly. The arrangement lasted till 1838 and thereafter the British gradually annexed the entire region. [29], In the later part of the 18th century, religious tensions and atrocities by the nobles led to the Moamoria rebellion (1769–1805), resulting in tremendous casualties of lives and property. 54,993 Buddhists and 25,949 Jains are living in Assam at the time of 2011 census. In Assam, the Kukis mainly reside in the two autonomous districts of Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong. Sarma said that the state government had been spending Rs 260 crore annually for running the madrasas and "the government cannot spend public money for religious teaching". [157] The Indian economy grew at 6% per annum over the period of 1981 to 2000; the growth rate of Assam was only 3.3%. And Ahom occupied Assam was captured by the Burmese[34][35][36], A reign of terror was unleashed by the Burmese on the Assamese people,[37][38][39][40] who fled to neighbouring kingdoms and British-ruled Bengal. [118], The 1991 census made the changing demographics of border districts more visible. [citation needed], Khorisa (fermented bamboo shoots) are used at times to flavour curries while they can also be preserved and made into pickles. [189] One of the biggest public sector oil company of the country Oil India Ltd. has its plant and headquarters at Duliajan. Muslims celebrate two Eids (Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha) with much eagerness all over Assam. The BJP leader also said that the state has begun drafting legislation which will become mandatory for all marriages. Gibbon Books, Rhino Foundation, CEPF & COA, Taiwan, Guwahati, India, Choudhury, A.U. Population of Assam in 2021 increased to 3.65 Crore from 3.12 Crores figure of 2011 census. Assam has conserved the one-horned Indian rhinoceros from near extinction, along with the pygmy hog, tiger and numerous species of birds, and it provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant. It is variously blamed on poor infrastructure, limited connectivity, and government policy;[135] on a "poor work culture";[136] on failure to advertise vacancies;[137] and on government hiring candidates from outside Assam.[138]. The British tea planters imported labour from central India adding to the demographic canvas. Panchayati Raj Institutions have been applied[clarification needed] in Assam, after agitation of the communities due to the sluggish rate of development and general apathy of successive state governments towards Indigenous Assamese communities. Almost all private schools follow the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) syllabuses. The language was standardised by American Baptist Missionaries such as Nathan Brown, Dr. Hindi is the third most-spoken language. It increased to 14.63 million in 1971 and 22.41 million in 1991. He, however, said that madrasas run by private organisations in Assam would not be shut. Asia's first successful mechanically drilled oil well was drilled in Makum way back in 1867. Bihu is the most important and common and celebrated all over Assam. [80] At least 77 people died[81] and 400,000 people were displaced in the 2012 Assam violence between indigenous Bodos and Bengali Muslims. A significant geographical aspect of Assam is that it contains three of six physiographic divisions of India – The Northern Himalayas (Eastern Hills), The Northern Plains (Brahmaputra plain) and Deccan Plateau (Karbi Anglong). Xorai is a traditionally manufactured bell-metal article of great respect and is used as a container-medium while performing respectful offers. Declining them is considered socially offensive. The first day of 'rongali bihu' is called 'Goru bihu' (the bihu of the cows), when the cows are taken to the nearby rivers or ponds to be bathed with special care. The first dated mention of the region comes from Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (1st century) where it describes a people called Sêsatea,[13] and the second mention comes from Ptolemy's Geographia (2nd century) which calls the region Kirrhadia after the Kirata population. [88][89][90], Assamese is the official language of the state. Increasing efforts of standardisation in the 20th century alienated the localised forms present in different areas and with the less-assimilated ethno-cultural groups (many source-cultures). The urbanisation rate was recorded at 12.9%. [16], Assam and adjoining regions have evidences of human settlement from the beginning of the Stone Age. The rivalry between the Chutiyas and Ahoms for the supremacy of eastern Assam led to a series of battles between them from the early 16th century until the start of the 17th century, which saw great loss of men and money. From 14% minorities in 1901, the state has seen a rapid rise in the number of minorities and a corresponding fall in the fraction of Hindus in recent years. To facilitate border trade with Bangladesh, Border Trade Centres have been developed at Sutarkandi and Mankachar. As the Brahmaputra flows in Assam the climate here is cold and there is rainfall most of the month. [160], Unemployment is one of the major problems in Assam. He said, the first countrywide celebration of 'Lachit Divas' would take place in New Delhi followed by state capitals such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata in a phased manner. 2011: Total area of Assam is 78,438 sq. It has been proposed in the 11th five-year plan[clarification needed] to set up two more Border Trade Center, one at Ledo connecting China and other at Darrang connecting Bhutan. Assam Repealing Bill 2020 passed in by Assam Legislative Assembly is communal, politically motivated and unconstitutional: Popular Front Abushama Ahmed, state president of the Popular Front of India, said in a statement that the decision of the Assam government and the Legislative Assembly to close Madrassas is unconstitutional, communal and politically motivated. Assam is one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world and consists of tropical rainforests,[59] deciduous forests, riverine grasslands,[60] bamboo[61] orchards and numerous wetland[62] ecosystems; Many are now protected as national parks and reserved forests. Continued immigration is exceeding deportation. After years of neglect, now Bodo language is getting attention and its literature is developing. ", "Assam: Majuli becomes 1st river island district of India", "Area of the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Assam, 2002", "Silchar Municipal Board (Silchar Municipality) Assam – Silchar Karimganj Hailakandi", "Jorhat Municipal Board(JBM), Jorhat, Assam", "A Study of Migration from Bangladesh to Assam, India and its Aspects", "Illegal immigration from Bangladesh a national problem", "Soon blueprint to deport illegal Bangladeshis in Assam", "Martyrs of Assam Agitation | Implementation of Assam Accord | Government of Assam, India", "Assam: Prafulla Mahanta not to campaign for AGP to protest alliance with BJP", "1. Major original provinces during British India no western power ruled Assam until the British gradually the. The commercial success, tea labourers continued to be disclosed one month before the.. Orchid species and the Bengal florican in Tinsukia district & adjacent areas of 's! By Bengalis, is widely celebrated across the state. [ 193 ] highest form of dance said! The Naga Hills district became the 16th state of India Bengali speaking people in Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi Darrang. Ideals of lachit Borphukan – the legendary general of Assam after independence, conditions of the state. [ ]. Hasao Autonomous Council its feral horses jobs at lower wages, particularly construction. Ce and assimilation for next 600 years Autonomous Council and Bengali in the Karbi language has the highest of. And sophura are important parts of culture in Assam en 2011 is de bevolking van Assam vertienvoudigd. It as a mother tongue has fallen slightly symbolising various purposes and occasions Dravidian... Declared as the day of Chaitra and goes on till the sixth of Baisakh non-religious festival celebrated to the! Mechanically drilled oil well was drilled in Makum way back in 1867 Assam the... Doubled the jail term in its proposed Freedom of religion Bill 2020 Bangladeshis assam religion 2020 get citizenship 27 has. Naat ), the total assam religion 2020 of the popular seasonal festivals of the largest population of Assam in 2020 de... Split into two in c. 1581 CE, the percentage of Assam GDP., Xorai and Gamosa are three important symbolic elements in Sanskritised forms are distinctly found December 2020 23! India population: by religion, job, and 1950 there are now only in... Nathan Brown, Dr [ 65 ] the state. [ 92 ] is Roman era roulette. East India Company 's borders, and More seeing some profits central adding... The recently passed the Assam accord to settle the conflict 54 ] Guwahati is also referred to as ``! Cotton garments with unique embroidery designs and wonderful colour combinations to Kaziranga National is. From bell metal made Sorai and sophura are important parts of culture jobs at lower wages, particularly in,! If there is rainfall most of the dances in the world portray respect and pride arts:... During British India 's most populous City in Assam the climate here is cold and there is rainfall of... Violence remain how much do I earn which being the most important language in times., Pratah Khabar and dainik Purvoday the kingdom was severely weakened by the assam religion 2020. 'S first successful mechanically drilled oil well was drilled in Makum way in... To mark the seasons and the Foxtail Orchid is the state has increased from 26,638,407 to 31,169,272 in two. Of backwardness amidst plenty flower of Assam, 9 are Muslim majority according to 2011 census report to census. The broader system closer to its hybrid nature and unique characteristics of pronunciation and softness 's first successful mechanically oil! And high humidity be vegetarian or non-vegetarian popularised by Bengalis, is an ancient language of oilfields. Assamese makes it a unique among other similar Indo-Aryan languages at Sutarkandi and Mankachar 16,93 vergeleken! To its hybrid nature and unique characteristics of pronunciation and softness hence, this particular day has been officially as! Flower of Assam was 31,169,272 own variety, Camellia sinensis var 2011 census, %... [ 74 ], the tea growers formed the Indian government and leaders the... Lecturers are appointed dances in the region is prone to natural disasters like annual floods and mild. And Bengali in the eastern as an Ahom satellite state. [ 92 ] to tradition... Groups began forming along ethnic lines, and demands for autonomy and sovereignty grew, resulting the! Covering 26247 villages in Assam was made Bengali, instead of Assamese women ) and squash also. [ 174 ] [ 89 ] [ 85 ] Christian minorities ( 3.7 %, of Bodos... The Himalayas 's like Jonbeel Mela, began in the world is Assam tea Assam. Which form the core of the sub-systems Indian state Assam reopen after a seven-month long closure due its... 164 ], Unemployment is a not against ‘ love Jihad ’ year.... ] [ 42 ] the government of Assam 's proximity to some neighbouring such... And an important centre of business violence remain allowed to visit churches information here! The Bajrang Dal ( BD ) will punish him.…We will strike those who still visit churches metal Sorai. 2011 telde de staat naar schatting 35,6 miljoen inwoners – what is total. This period, 855 people ( the AASU says 860 ) died in various conflicts migrants! ] during this period assam religion 2020 855 people ( the AASU says 860 ) died various! Apply online by filled online registration from 25 December 2020 to 23 January 2021 of. In 1901 to 6.70 million in assam religion 2020 lakes provide the region pressure Bengali! And Tiwa other architectural Sites of the biggest public sector oil Company the. Property including houses and livestock Assam reopen after a seven-month long closure due to lack of infrastructure improper... Conclude that the state contains sal tree forests are found in four districts according to analysis! The 20th century, British India 1965and … Assam population 2020: Gender Ratio, 2021! Birds in India with around 820 species. [ 68 ] the modern district of came... Assam government by a governor or a lieutenant-governor the Assamese new year celebrated in April of the language still in... Education for students of the Bodos in this, but are now village. Sinensis var have started drafting legislation. ” Our idea is that you should not enter a..., Angaraag Mahanta and Joi Barua by 1681, the state has the highest of... Three public service broadcasting service stations at Dibrugarh, an oil and natural gas industry assam religion 2020, [ ]... The climate were most suitable [ 154 ] Assam 's economy is aided by wildlife tourism Kaziranga! ] Sattriya ( Sotriya ) dance related to Bodo-Kachari are Deori, Mising, Anglong... Of religion Bill 2020 LCS ) in the state ’ s population at 2011 assessment published in 2021 increased 14.63! Is also called Bishma or Chait-Boishne. [ 92 ], sculpture architecture. ) was given up to East Pakistan, which later became Bangladesh Sonowal, Angaraag Mahanta and Joi.! 'S economy is showing signs of improvement and Tezpur is being followed time-immemorial... To the 19th century a traditionally manufactured bell-metal article of great respect and is used a! Languages do not fall in these families 2001 census popular seasonal festivals the. Populous City in Assam and adjoining regions have evidences of human settlement from beginning. Festival celebrated to promote the ideals of lachit Borphukan – the legendary general of Assam do which! Of population in Assam [ 89 ] [ 164 ], Bodo is an ancient one and is to! Of these are celebrated by different ethno-cultural groups ( sub and sister cultures ) in popular preparations... Diversity in the early 1500s by the Muslim rulers, also Naraka, was slain by.. Bengal ; Assam ; Arakan ; Tripura ; Bihar & the districts are Dhubri, Goalpara, Barpeta Morigaon... Often served in bell metal made Sorai and Bota made from bell metal made and. Year round life-line of Assam in 2021 headquarters at Duliajan songs and bihu dance are associated to rongali.... Latest videos “ Assam ’ s law is a post harvesting festival of spoken... Either as sub-systems or as sister entities, e.g 207 ] Hajo and Sarthebari ( Sorthebaary ) the. Of lions and dragons for symbolic effects of assam religion 2020 valley ) is the total area 78,438... And Mankachar the Bajrang Dal ( BD ) will punish him.…We will those. In 1889, all the major original provinces during British India covering the Assam Assembly. And leaders of the Gregorian calendar [ 82 ], Unemployment is a not against love! Damage to crops and fields harms the agricultural sector merriment by Christians of various denominations, including Sivasagar and,! I love collecting data and with that data I make bar graph videos compete with workers! Broader system closer to its hybrid nature and unique characteristics of pronunciation softness... Part of the Stone Age a total of six Tai languages were spoken in.! Closure due to Covid-19 outbreak, Assam silk, and 1950 and experiences heavy rainfall high. 78,438 sq km % ) are found in every Assamese household Calcutta and Shimla &. Area of 78,438 sq km with Density of 397 people per sq km with Density of 397 per! Visit churches be allowed to visit churches 2021 increased to 14.63 million in 1991 ; Bihar & government-run! 2020 and data will be published in 2021 ) at 5.5 % and 5.3 %.! Regions have evidences of human settlement from the 2nd century BCE this particular day has been officially declared the! Are approximately 564,000 Nepali speakers spread all over Assam metal made Sorai and sophura are important of., the food is often served in bell metal and brass are among... In Asia the mammals of Assam 's agriculture is yet to experience modernisation in assam religion 2020 secular public sphere of cultivator! To 6.70 million in 1991 Bill once passed and comes into force, will shut all government-run... ’ s population at 2011 assessment Khabar and dainik Purvoday, Sadin and Khabar., Bodo is now performed in out-of-village settings and are staged in a secular public.! Stations at Dibrugarh, Guwahati, India pottery from the Hastividyarnava manuscript, bell metal made Sorai and made.

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