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Jack is grateful for Larry's suggestion of a friend, a. Mr. Furley discovers that the nice young man Janet and Jack fixed Terri up with is a convicted murderer. To try to remedy the situation, Jack fakes a bad cold when speaking to Linda on the phone (with Larry's help) to cancel the date with her in order to keep the date with Samantha. Larry answers, and Sandra tells him that she was mistaken in regard to being pregnant, and that her father is going to confront him. He decides to sue her for wrongful termination, but his problems only begin there. Jack has a toothache so Terri arranges for her guy to see him. Larry completely trusts Jack to show his teenage sister around town, until he discovers that they are still out at 2:00am. Double Trouble (Season 5, Episode … Jack meets an old flame at the park who is seeking advice about her jealous husband. Jack soon regrets this rule when Veronica calls to change their date night. Jack plays cupid to his current girlfriend's widowed father (Keene Curtis), but his arrows misfire when the love-starved older man makes Janet his target. Jack decides to go on their date posing as her brother to tell him she doesn't want him. Three's Company is an American sitcom television series that aired for eight seasons on ABC from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984. The trio decides to celebrate Christmas at home because they have not been invited to any parties--not even by their neighbors, the Stevens, who hosts a big party every Christmas. Jack is pleased when Linda decides against marrying him. Larry is so won over by Janet's "nice girl" attitude that he falls hard for her. However, Janet discovers through a flower shop delivery that "Twinkie" and "Bunny" are the same girl (Rebecca Holden). After two unsuccessful pilots, Three's Company was finally picked up by ABC in January 1977 for a first season of six episodes. "Jack the Giant Killer" is a rewrite of "Color Me Chicken," an episode of Three's Company's British prototype Man About the House. He finds out from the delivery boy that she sent them to herself. Written by Budd Grossman & George Burditt. When Terri reveals this to Jack by surprising him with her appearance in the apartment later that day, he is appalled. Later, at Jack's house, Furley tells the husband they were all in the bushes together. Their friendship is put to the test when Jack's relaxed, jokey attitude clashes with Janet's more hard-nosed work ethic, a clash that carries over into their homelife. Jack and Chrissy come to her rescue by congratulating Larry for his new future filled with marriage and children, which frightens Larry back to his senses. Jack, Janet, Larry, and Mr. Furley all maneuver to fill the "third roommate" spot with their respective choices. After Chrissy and Janet confront him, Jack assumes it was his girlfriend Linda who came to the apartment, so he proposes to her - which she accepts. Jack returns and helps the girls become friends again by helping Janet see that Chrissy was just being her usual chatty self. Jack challenges a famous food critic to sample his cuisine, aiming for a favorable review in his newspaper column. The flower shop is understaffed, so Janet hires unemployed Jack to work there. The woman, Mrs. Claremont (Patricia Barry), is among the members of the selection committee who will decide whether to accept Reverend Snow into the church, but she does not approve of Chrissy's living arrangements. Dejected because Mrs. Roper told him that women do not find him attractive, Mr. Roper goes to the Regal Beagle where Jack is filling in as bartender for the evening. When Mrs. Roper accuses Mr. Roper of showing his visiting niece Karen a boring time, Mr. Roper--feeling comfortable with Jack's supposed homosexuality--decides to introduce Karen to Jack. After cutting his finger, Jack goes to the hospital and is attended to by nurse Terri Alden (Priscilla Barnes), who bruises Jack's ego with a tetanus shot in the buttocks. Misinterpreting this, Mr. Roper believes Chrissy is pregnant and wants an abortion, when actually she wants to get rid of a wart on her arm. Larry then shanghais Jack into covering for him on a blind date for that same evening, but Doreen never receives the cancellation message. But first they must find a way to overcome objections from their landlords, Stanley and Helen Roper, a romantically dysfunctional couple who lives downstairs and don't allow males and females living together unmarried. While the trio tries to hide the puppy from Mr. Roper, Jack fails in attempts to give the little pooch away. Three's Company: Season 7; Three's Company Season 7 DVD cover. When he arrives at the apartment, she is surprised that he is young and handsome. Jack's first day behind the grill at a diner heats up hilariously when his attractive boss (Ellen Travolta) tries to spice up his life by making an unwelcome play on him. As a result, Jack and Janet think Cindy is the one pregnant. All seems well until Inga challenges Jack to ski the "Flying Dutchman" run at her parents' ski lodge. However, Jack discovers Darlene is a high-priced call girl, who has invited an unwitting Chrissy to work with her as a "hostess" at a convention. When Jack finds out, he decides to teach the girls a lesson by faking a suicide attempt, but the girls eventually figure out that the letter was not about them. Lana tries to invite herself, under the pretense that Janet and Chrissy shouldn't end their friendship over a cruise. After seeing Terri thwart a masher at the Regal Beagle with her karate skills, Jack asks Terri to teach him karate; but ends up arrested when he uses his karate on a police officer whom he mistakes for a, Jack concocts a plan to regain the favor of an attractive, The trio is worried that the woman with whom Mr. Furley has fallen in love (, The trio reluctantly takes on former roommate Cindy as their, Larry incurs the wrath of a towering, hot-tempered man by dating the man's girlfriend and crashing his car for good measure. Darlene (Elaine Giftos), a high school friend of Chrissy's, is in town for a visit. Mrs. Roper reveals that she knows Lloyd's wife, which sends Jack and Janet rushing back to the apartment to break up Chrissy's romance. When Terri sees Jack sulking outside Mr. Furley's door, she reminds Jack of his love for Vicky and that she is worth another chance, which reassures Jack into reconsidering living with Vicky. Guest-starring: John Larroquette as an unnamed police officer; Jordan Charney as Larry's boss. Jack and Chrissy take turns sucking up to Janet who has acquired a pair of Frank Sinatra tickets. He impresses her with tales of his (non-existent) skiing prowess. Chrissy's new boyfriend, an aspiring filmmaker, gets her interested in making movies and her parents send her a 8mm movie camera. However, Chrissy's eager cousin Cindy Snow (Jenilee Harrison), using a somewhat clever process of elimination of the other would-be roomies, moves in after a rather clumsy introduction. A wealthy man, Winston Cromwell III (Jeffrey Tambor), persistently tries to convince Cindy to marry him, despite her repeated refusals. After a night on the town with his old navy buddies, Jack discovers he has a tattoo on his derrière. Jack begs Furley not to tell, but the secret is out when a nude portrait of Jack appears at the Regal Beagle. Larry is helping Jack and the girls pack for their move. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. After Jack and Janet find their apartment door unlocked and the cash missing, Chrissy arrives and insists that she left the envelope containing the rent money on a shelf. Mr. Compton fires Jack, but his friendship with Janet is mended and he is pleased to no longer be bossed around by her. The trio plan a dinner for the Ropers. During an after-hours robbery at Angelino's, Jack and Furley get locked in the freezer together. Chrissy says that she let the parakeet out of the box to fly around the bathroom. But the owner of the shop has other ideas, and hires a girl for the manager's position named Chloe, whose only qualification is her figure. Jack hosts a Sunday brunch to convince Rev. The trio talks about a friend of Janet's who had a child by advertising in the newspaper for a partner. They have a toast and Vicky invites a nervous Jack to bed. His nephew Phillip (, George Burditt, Michael Ross and Bernard West, Jack meets an attractive stewardess, Vicky Bradford (, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 04:45. Chrissy, whose father is a minister, panics at the news that her mother is coming. Jack's glee is diminished when Larry takes a phone call from Jack's girlfriend Linda, whom he had arranged a date with for the same evening. from the British series Man About the House, written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke. As they leave, the trio says goodbye to each other--and to the apartment (as indicated by the three of them taking one final look inside before stepping out the door). Also, this episode marks the first appearance of Dean Travers, the often-uptight dean of Jack's cooking school. The Ropers make a surprise visit after their latest spat. When Jack attends a charity ball with a socialite and loses $15,000 gambling, Larry and the girls attempt to help him recover the money. While Jack is moving in to share the apartment with Janet and Chrissy, Chrissy's mother calls and informs Chrissy that she will be there in moments. Jack convinces Janet and Chrissy that they should buy it, since Mr. Roper is selling it so cheaply. At the competition; Jack, out of honesty, reveals to Dean Travers about the incident, which leads to chaos that results in a free-for-all, Chrissy gets a new job selling cosmetics door-to-door and unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of Mr. Furley's winner-take-all, Jack had been feeling walked on by Furley, Dean Travers, and the girls lately; so he visits a, While working in a restaurant, Jack saves a man's life with the, Chrissy takes in an elderly man named Leo (. Suzanne Somers, in her role of Chrissy, makes a cameo appearance in the episode's tag. Created by Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernard West. Then Chrissy gets an idea when Mrs. Roper mentions that her husband will forget their approaching 20th wedding anniversary. However, a recording of Mr. Furley telling Jack he has the pot he wanted is misinterpreted by police as a purchase of drugs instead of the actual terrine cookware. The early episodes with Mr. Ropper were priceless. Later, Janet becomes furious when Jack and Chrissy choose an inopportune moment to barge into the apartment where she is entertaining her date, Alex. Jack decides to be honest from now on no matter what. Later, Jack and Vicky are settling into their new apartment, which is upstairs above Jack's Bistro. The manager hires him but as a bus boy. He pretends to have amnesia in the hospital, but Janet gets suspicious and concocts a plan to help him regain his memory. Jack and Janet come home and find the apartment all a mess. Mrs. Roper quickly leaves, totally crushed; but when the girls tell Mr. Roper he has been found out, he is triumphant. Jack and Chrissy agree to take over Janet's babysitting job for a night. After frantically thinking of ways to get out of the jam, the trio gives Mrs. Roper the Sinatra tickets, claiming they were the gift from Mr. Roper--much to his surprise. Directed by Dave Powers. Season Summary. When Terri breaks up with her ill-tempered dentist boyfriend (. He then wrongly assumes it is still in there, and that he has killed it. After Vicky catches the bridal bouquet, everyone heads downstairs for the reception hosted by Mr. Furley. Janet's date, a newspaper writer, offers to do a column on the trio's methods of coping with inflation. Jack then asks Karen out and tells Janet and Chrissy that they will be back in time for the party. The car leads to nothing but trouble for the trio: first, they cannot work out a system of sharing the car, and then it turns out that the car will cost them more than they paid for it just to make it roadworthy. She is so grateful she brings him a thank you gift. (Richard Kline does not appear in this episode). my shows | like | set your list Three's Company (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Last updated: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 -1:00. Janet learns that Cindy's boss Mr. Hadley (Rod Colbin) is asking for favors above and beyond the call of duty. Jack wins, but injures his back - which makes him unable to, Mr. Roper is angry with his best friend Jerry, because he failed to honor a wager by not buying Mr. Roper a beer after a, Jack and Janet become concerned when Chrissy falls under the spell of Rama Mageesh (, Chrissy decides to be more assertive at work after being passed over for a promotion. The Best of Three's Company (1) S06 E28 The Best of Three's Company (2) Season 7 . Chrissy and Janet's efforts to get Jack into prime physical condition succeed beyond their wildest expectations when their voluptuous gym instructor Shirley (Tori Lysdahl) falls for him--much to the anger of her unnecessarily overprotective, musclebound, gym owner brother. Mrs. Roper orders flowers and chocolates to be delivered to her at their apartment from 'a secret admirer'. The trio is also entrusted to take care of a parakeet that Mr. Roper bought as a gift for his wife. Larry brings Samantha to the apartment, having convinced her that Jack is not involved with Linda. However, Jack falls down the staircase outside, injuring his leg and having to be rushed to the hospital. Larry has the solution - Jack stays at Larry's place, and Larry stays with the girls. Later, the trio agrees to an "unbreakable rule" on taking turns privately using the apartment for dates. Richard Kline, John Ritter. Helen tries to patch things up between Jerry & Stanely by trying to get Jerry to apologize. Jack and Larry also have Chrissy, Janet and Mrs Roper in the apartment, whom they think will accidentally see the porno flick, but it is revealed when it is played that Larry has been conned into buying a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. The trio, believing a burglar has stolen their rent money, frantically try to avoid Mr. Roper until they can replace it. Mr. Roper deliberately damages Mrs. Roper's plant that is about to be judged ir order to prevent it being examined. For US airdates of a foreign show, click The Futon Critic. Janet runs into Peter, an old high school classmate and popular student whom she used to have a, In the midst of the trio's panic over Jack's inability to come up with his share of the rent, Jack's Uncle Fremont arrives for a visit. Chrissy's trip to Fresno has left the trio short on the rent for the month. Janet is upset because she cannot have a church wedding, but Jack convinces her to have it at the apartment. When a puppy is left at the trio's doorstep, Jack wants to claim it; but Janet and Chrissy remind him that Mr. Roper does not allow pets on the premises. Jack and Janet want to go; but Chrissy, honoring the Ropers' invitation, makes them go to their party instead. He wants some tips on connecting with women. Jack stands up for Cindy, but inadvertently gets her fired. Mrs. Roper and the trio mistakenly believe that Mr. Roper is having an affair. I'm not a BIG Don Knotts fan so the later Three's Company episodes did not move me. When Chrissy finally arrives at after three in the morning, she is in tears because a "cute guy" she met at the Funky Fox bar (. Jack is puzzled when Janet and Chrissy react badly to him bringing Linda to the apartment and informing them of their engagement. When Furley refuses to stand up to his brother and tell him that he has to fix the apartment building, Jack goes and talks to him. Jack tries to back out of a ski trip with Larry and Janet until he meets a cute snow bunny named Inga (Laurette Spang). Jack and Larry notice a gorgeous woman at the bar, but also notice her dangerously jealous boyfriend. As Cindy packs up for UCLA and Janet looks for a new roommate, Jack is preparing for Cindy's farewell party when he is called in to Angelino's restaurant for a spur-of-the-moment cooking job. They make up just before Janet tries to get them back together. Chrissy answers the phone and tells her that Jack is in the apartment upstairs. Burning with jealousy, Jack hides out in the kitchen and listens to Chrissy's boyfriend both praise and criticize his cooking, while also making advances to Chrissy. Lilly the barmaid is pregnant and deserted by the father, so Cindy vaguely complains to the roommates about men and pregnancy. Enter Jack, who decides to take matters into his own hands by showing up at Cindy's office to confront Hadley, which ultimately gets Cindy fired. They find some attractive weeds, some of which Mrs. Roper uses in her plant which she enters in a flower-judging contest sponsored by her flower arranging class. They go to the Stevens' party, where they unexpectedly run into the Ropers, who found out that they received a belated invitation as well. Jack gets fired from his new job for refusing his female boss's sexual advances. To calm him down, she says she is nervous as well. However, Jack does not show up at the appointed time, making Janet and Chrissy angry--leading them to realize that they are actually jealous. Terri wants to break up with her dentist beau but can't seem to do it. A surprise visit by the bickering Ropers turns into a romantic triangle when the lusty Mrs. Roper seeks solace from Jack and Janet and winds up in the arms of Mr. Furley. Three's Company season 5 episode 5 A Crowded Romance : Jack and Larry unknowingly date the same woman. The girlfriend seems to pursue Jack. Fed up with the girls not doing their share and helping out at the apartment, Jack angrily leaves and becomes a live-in cook for Larry's boss (Jordan Charney) and his promiscuous wife (Cynthia Harris).

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