why do some amps have 2 inputs
Jan 12 2021 4:42 AM

When you get sick of the looseness, go for the 2nd input. I do all the tech work myself so you deal directly with me. This particular amp has two inputs marked with the numbers 1 and 2. amps typically dont have multiple a/v inputs and dont switch inputs, what you have is probably a reciever, or an integrated amp. Hi and welcome to JustAnswer, Initially, pls confirm if the stereo has "one set of RCA inputs" or "one set of RCA outputs". they just have three instrument inputs. If you were lucky and had an amp with two channels this problem was minimized……..unless one channel had reverb and the other did not which is a whole other “heads or tails I get the reverb channel” situation. Upload or insert images from URL. I think some people automatically declare input 1 the optimal choice because of the "more is better" philosophy, but I do recommend trying input 2 if you have a loud signal going into the amp from either pedals, pickups, or both. Just kidding. It has four inputs because it is a 4-channel amp. Re: Why do op-amps want their inputs to be the same? Otherwise, if you have separate amps, you'd so the same thing using 1 channel for the highs and one for the lows. It just isn't. 2. Bi-wiring high-end speakers will drastically improve their audio performance. I hope this answered your question Vlad and that you keep visiting 300guitars! Why do some amps have both hi and low inputs ? the guy at the store told me the low gain input was for passive pickups and the high gain input was for actives. danuniversal, April 17, 2008 in Amps. This is incidentally why some guitar amps that don't have both types of inputs have a "tone cut" switch on them. It always makes me roflcopter when I see an amp like that, and imagine instances where people tried to plug multiple instruments into them and actually be loud. For those of you who have a head/cab rig, the speaker jacks on the back of the head are outputs; they send the amplified signal out to the cabinet. Adding a Y splitter doubles the drive voltage at the line level inputs. Clear editor. You can post now and register later. May 17, 2020 #8 OBW0549 said: As I recall, MOSFETs were not compatible with those fab processes. The preamp has all the inputs, and the amp powers the speakers. It selects between Amp A and Amp B. Attenuate one input, or bypass a tube stage. There IS a correct answer to why subs have dual inputs. “Absolutely nothin’, sing it again……uh“! Many players use two amps for stereo techniques that require multiple loudspeakers. Display as a link instead, × Was just reading through posts and didn't understand a few amp references so I've got to ask, why do a lot of amps have the one set of controls and inputs plus another set in the same amp? I am also an Eminence, Mercury Magnetics, Mojo Musical Supply dealer. could someone explain the purpose of the dual power and grounds to me please? . Can i use both at the same time? Fast forward about 45 years and there is the basically dormant input #2 which brings me back to the original question…..what is it good for? Some low-noise audio op amps have JFET inputs. Some issues would occur like when one player turned his guitar down it would turn down the other player at the same time. Please ship all repairs to: 1 Executive Dr Unit L Toms River, NJ 08755. Switch 1: 2 inputs, 1 output. × The OP asked why sub's have dual inputs. But many of these also have an instrument input available to use on the channel with the XLR (use one or the other). So I used to A/B switch between my chorus pedal going into input 1 and my distortion pedal going into input 2. Good allowance savings plan? For example, many delay pedals have stereo outputs for “ping-pong” effects, in which repeats bounce back and forth between a pair of speakers. But if you could not afford another amp this is the way it was done. / How to jump amp channels.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Is it a tube amp, solid state, or some hybrid of the two. my tre's got a low gain and a high gain input. Two RCA inputs can also be used to sum the L/R stereo outputs in a 2.1application where the customer only wants to use one subwoofer. Combined, these factors produce far better sound than lesser equipment. × i have been looking at some higher watt amps like the aq3500 and the dat2500. In some amps, the 1 & 2 inputs are simply lo/hi input level running through the same pre-amp circuit varied only by resistance to ground. To confuse guitar players who can't make up their mind. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Yeah but the amp has to have 2 active inputs and there are few amps that have 2 active inputs You need a 6. The signal is traveling out of your amp to some other destination, such as a PA system or recording gear. This results in a 3 dB increase in SPL since the inputs are internally summed. Some modern boutique amps do not have an input #2 to save room and keep things simple. Of course I'll have to tell my receiver that I'm bi-amping and it'll make some changes. Any good HU does now days. (I am in every other Saturday). Like Reply. Also as hasserl points out, not all amps are designed this way. Usually input #1 has a bit higher gain than input #2 resulting in a louder, hotter sound. Receivers are basically a pre-amp and an amp combined, and they usually have a tuner. . Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or are in need of some tech work. Why do you think that Voxes and Marshalls from teh 60s had four inputs? back in the old days not everyone could afford an amp, so they encouraged everyone to just plug into the same amp. That amp is only rated for 100 x 2 @ 4-ohms. Connection would go like this: 1. On some amps you can, on others you can't. Paste as plain text instead, × Nowadays no player would dare plug into input #2 with their buddy occupying the favored input #1. I liked chorus on my cleans but I hated the tap dancing involved to turn it off when I went to dirties. That reason is NOT so that a Y-adapter can be used to connect the sub. Yeah but the amp has to have 2 active inputs and there are few amps that have 2 active inputs You need a 6. As a matter of fact most vintage amps and vintage style amps have two inputs.   Pasted as rich text. One is tighter than the other. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. They support resolutions beyond the HDMI standard and allow multiple inputs to support a resolution/refresh rate beyond that of standard HDMI. is this true? Sonny Rollins' Way out West SACD is like this. Ol’ #2 is good for players using a multi-effects board that has a hot signal coming from it as well. My first gigging amp was a Fender Deluxe 112 Plus which had 2 inputs. The two inputs were supposed to accomodate two players believe it or not! Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If you choose this solution, be sure the amp has two instrument inputs. Why Do Quality Speakers Have Two Input Terminals? dl324. channels: the inputs will go different places, ex: fenders, one input will go through normal channel, the other will go through a vibrato or something. High-quality speakers distinguish themselves in a variety of ways: high-end materials, detailed engineering and precise manufacturing. This Question of the Day comes from Vlad in Minnesota. Why do old Marshall heads have 4 inputs? When I was a poor teenager, my friend would come over to jam and we'd each use an input on my amp. How to create a hard link to an inode (ext4)? Assuming that the stereo has only a pair of RCA outputs and you require to feed 2 amplifiers, the basic procedure would be to split the RCA pair.This could be acieved with the use of a 1 male to double female RCA adapter as shown below. 5mm cable splitter. Many of the "acoustic" amps have an XLR input for one of the channels so you can use it for guitar and vocal. I feel like an idiot asking this question but a friend of mine has an old Marshall JTM-45 amp with 4 inputs on it.

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