sea otter vs seal
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# 2020belike. May the Otter and the Humans go on many grand quests in future. You can see them close to shore almost any time of year! For this reason they were particularly prized by sealers. Seal, Sea Lion and Sea Otters . Females can give birth any time of the year, but most in California have their pup between January and March. Sea otters vs. river otters Many people don’t know the difference between sea otters and river otters — but, with a little info, you’ll be able to tell right away. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2021, Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons. Seals are found … Otters belong to the Mustelidae family, and seals belong to the Phocidae family. Despite that, the sea otter trade still continues on the black market even today. You have to get very close to see the tiny holes on the sides of a seal’s sleek head. Students find out by comparing sea otter and seal characteristics using a Venn diagram. Photo credit: Christine Roper. Why do elephant seals only come to land twice a year? It lives with its family for about one year, so it can learn and be kept safe until maturity. I’m a compulsive explainer. I love this Wedsite I have ever been on I love this SOS much people should go on here more often, My bad I spelt some things Worng I’m only 12, Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, there is a missing link in the evolution of seals. 5.Unlike otters, seals tend to spend more time on land. The harbor seal moved toward the water with the sea otter following closely. Sea Otter hanging around in Bull Kelp of the West Coast of BC. The major difference of sea otter to other marine mammals is the heavy fur on them. Pinnipeds are typically sleek-bodied and barrel-shaped. Otters have a long, slim, and glossy body like that of seals, whereas Beavers have a rounded body like other rodents. They both seem to move in such similar ways. Pete's PowerPoint Station is your destination for free PowerPoint presentations for kids and teachers about Sea Otters & Pinnipeds: Seals, Sea Lions & Walruses, and so much more. When male sea otters reach sexual maturity, they will rape seal pups if there aren’t enough female seals to compete for. The "earless" or "true" seals lack external ears altogether. How to tell them apart. Cheers ya legends! Steller males are massive, the largest of the eared seals, weighing in at 1,200 lbs (0.5 metric ton) or greater. About 9 to 12 months depending on the species. A sea otter pup’s fur traps so much air that they cannot dive underwater. A young male elephant seal and otter interact in the water and on the beach at Hopkins Marine Station Beach in Pacific Grove, CA. They are the smallest mammals in the sea. Sometimes, it is possible to commit mistakes by referring these two different species as one, due to the similarities in their appearance. Which physical features or body parts do sea otters and seals have in common? 2 thoughts on “ seal, sea lion, or sea otter: how can you tell? Seals, Otters & Sea Lions. The "earless" or "true" seals lack external ears altogether. Draw a Venn diagram on a white board or char t paper. It can also be seen that seals love fish which is one of their favorite foods. In fact, at 850,000 to one million hairs per square inch, they have the thickest fur of any mammal. This traps a layer of air, and keeps them dry and warm under water. 8 Top Predators of Sea Otters that Eat Sea Otter - When otters have paws, seals have flippers. Otter vs Beaver . Pinnipeds, also known as fin-footed mammals are often generalized as seals. But they don’t stop when the seal is dead … Most have sharp claws on their feet, and all except the sea otter have long, muscular tails. Newborn sea otters weigh 3 to 5 pounds. Pinnipeds include the walrus, eared seals, sea lions, fur seals and earless seals. Unlike the seals, otters have long, slim bodies with relatively short limbs. A detailed comparison between otters and seals: Animalia – Chordata – Vertebrata – Mammalia – Carnivora – Mustelidae – Lutrinae, Animalia – Chordata – Vertebrata – Mammalia – Carnivora – Caniformia – Pinnipedia, 13 living species of semiaquatic or aquatic mammals. The newborn pup is taken care of by the mother, the father, and all the other offspring. Males of other species defend territories on reproductive rookeries while females move freely between them. 4. Wild sea otters typically have a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. Seals have 33 kinds of species. Sea otters are smaller than seals and sea lions, have stubby front paws and rest by floating on their back. On numerous occasions they have been observed approaching baby seals, biting them and then dragging them out to sea and raping them. 4.When otters have paws, seals have flippers. As their name suggests, sea otters live mainly near the sea, spending most of their time in the water. True seals have pin holes in the sides of their heads for ears with no external ear … While walrus has flippers, tusks and whickers which make them different from other marine mammals. Otters are known to mate in the sea and give birth in the sea. Secondly, sea lions have small flaps for outer ears. Apr 13, 2019 - Explore Vicki Welty's board "Sea otters" on Pinterest. Otter and beaver are completely different animals, but with much similar looking appearances. While Otters are large, carnivorous mammals, Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents who strictly follow a vegetarian lifestyle. Students will be able to: • Identify the body parts and behaviors of a sea otter. The sharks aren’t actually trying to eat the otters, preferring calorie-dense, blubbery prey like seals and sea lions. Sea otters are perfectly adapted to living in their cold water environment here off the west coast of British Columbia. There may be a small breeding colony of Stellers using near shore rocks in RNSP. To conclude, the article provides a comparison of the seal, sea lion, walrus, and otter with their qualities and the differences they hold from each other. 3.Seals love fish which is one of their favorite foods. Pinnipeds are a widely distributed and diverse group of fin-footed semiaquatic marine mammals. They have very soft, insulated underfur that is protected by an outer layer of guard hairs. Otters and seals belong to two different families. Unlike many marine mammals such as seals and sea lions, sea otters have no insulating fat layer on their body to keep them warm in the water, therefore their amazingly dense fur serves to insulate them and keep them from becoming hypothermic. Go figure. Secondly, sea lions have small flaps for outer ears. They then play a game to review similarities and differences between sea otters and seals. The front limbs of the Sea Otter help it grab food, while its hind limbs are paddle-shaped to propel it in the water. Sea otters and seals are in many ways different, but are also similar. Fur seals, … As nouns the difference between otter and seal is that otter is any aquatic or marine carnivorous mammal, member of the family mustelidae , which also includes weasels, polecats, badgers, and others or otter can be (obsolete) annatto while seal is a pinniped (pinnipedia), particularly an earless seal (true seal) or eared seal or seal can be a stamp used to impress a design on a soft substance such as … Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, July 26, 2011 • 4 comments. Their fur actually consists of two layers, an undercoat and longer guard hairs. What they have in common. Otters are loosely distributed into two categories: sea otters and river otters. Harbour Seals. Sea lions bark and congegate in large groups, and often harems. She belongs at San Pedro, and has been otter hunting the past two years. Taxonomic discussions tend to be a bit muddled as scientists strive to classify all the different species on the planet. • Identify the body parts and behaviors of a seal. Average weight of an adult female California sea otter is about 50 lbs. On the other hand, otters only eat fish rarely, and they mainly thrive upon invertebrates. The seal overcomes this complication by voice recognition. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is one of the best places in the world to see seals, sea lions and sea otters. The sea otter and pup rolled violently in the water for approximately 15 min, while the pup struggled to free itself from the sea otter’s grasp. They have very soft, insulated underfur, which is protected by an outer layer of long guard hair. Sea Otter hanging around in Bull Kelp of the West Coast of BC. First, sea otters are two to three times the size of river otters — and, when at the water’s surface, they float on their backs, while river otters … Sea otters are highly aquatic and live in the ocean for most of their lives. Incredible Eagle vs Monkey vs Otter vs Mongoose vs Seal vs Snake Please For More Wild Animals Video: . Hi, Third, sea lions are noisy. Students will be able to: • Identify the body parts and behaviors of a sea otter. The sea otter is one of the smallest marine mammals, but one of the largest members of the family Mustelidae, a group that includes skunks and weasels among others. Which family of sea lions are the noisiest and smelliest? Male otters will find a juvenile harbor seal and mount it, as if he were mating with a female otter. Unlike their river otter cousins, sea otters spend almost their entire lives in … Otters have dense fur for keeping themselves warm whereas the seals have a deposit of blubber under their skin. Sea otters are mainly native to the northeastern seaboards of the Pacific Ocean, so they aren’t spotted in areas like the East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico. Seal vs Sea Lion. At about 4 or 5 years old, female sea otters typically have their first pup after a four-to-five-month-long pregnancy. They also have webbed paws with sharp claws, unlike the fins on seals. You have to get very close to see the tiny holes on the sides of a seal’s sleek … Sea otters are a highly endangered marine mammal. Unlike otters, seals are known to lie around beaches and rocky islands. You see, sea otters rape and drown baby seals. The otter is often seen at the surface grooming; in fact, it is pushing air to the roots of its fur. "The wolf travelled along the beach carrying the otter far from the water line. Males of some species aggressively defend groups of specific females, referred to as harems. Sea otter fur is the densest of any mammal at about 1 million hairs per square inch (We have 100,000 hairs on our entire head). of food each day. Your email address will not be published.

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