tillandsia tectorum clump
Jan 12 2021 4:42 AM

Approximately 6-10+. Your email address will not be published. Air Plant Variety Pack / Tillandsia Starter Set / Mystery Bag. Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador is an easy care air plant with a beautiful bright fuzzy white appearance. Approximately 6-10"+. Follow. Click on photos to view larger images. 5 years ago. This small species is in the tectorum complex and is densely covered in trichomes. Very healthy-Best quality you can find. This air plant is hard to dry out so only spritz it with water instead of soaking it completely. Tillandsia stricta Green Size: Clump, Large Comments: soft foliage : Tillandsia stricta (stiff purple) Size: Medium Comments: purple foliage : Tillandsia tectorum Size: Medium, 3-4" round Comments: heavy trichomes giving it a snowball effect : Tillandsia tectorum caulescent Size: 2-3" tall Comments: heavy trichomes, caulescent (stem) form Does anyone have advice for me to keep this plant going strong? Regular price $9 98 $9.98. The individual plant which look like a centipede will eventually separate from each other and form a living clump as it were. This is a beautiful species with a round shape and silver leaves with a dense covering of fine hairs or trichomes giving the plant a very soft appearance. I have had my Tillandsia tectorum for about 2 months now. Comments Required. This plant has soft fuzzy leaves and produces a soft pink spike when in bloom. It grows as lithophytes at 0-3000 meters above sea level in large, populations on rock outcroppings and cliff face amid cacti, but elevation and associated fog belts may influence occurrence more than local geology. Add to cart. Can also propagate with seeds. sunkissed said:@elgecko Steve, love seeing all the native tillandsias and bromeliads on your paddling excursions, great eye, I have never seen native Tillandsia paucifolia, you captured a nice clump.Otters are so cute. By: Mokkie / CC BY-SA. Quite rare in cultivation readily clumps into balls. $4.99 Buy Now . Tillandsia Caerulea Clump. A very drought-tolerant plant. A clump of Tillandsia can be split up into individual pups which will gradually grow back into natural clumps over time. Tillandsia funckiana type 2 Sale! EASY CARE- Air plants are low maintenance. It is mounted in a piece of cholla wood (Cylindropuntia sp.). Air Plants Sort by. These are great mounted on driftwood or bark. May 27, 2016 - Air Plants; don't need to put into soil or standing water to grow. These are great mounted on driftwood or bark. $5.99. Just spray your bulbosa a few times a week to keep it happy and healthy. 4-7. Tillandsia Seleriana - LG (8-9") $13.99 Buy Now . See more ideas about tillandsia, air plants, tillandsia air plant. Tillandsia Elhersiana (4") SKU TIL-20. Tillandsia Giant Specimens. Like Tectorum Ecuador, Tectorum Peru is also covered with dense trichomes which give it a fuzzy appearance. The air plant, tillandsia tectorum is one of the most exquisite species air plants. The plant in the pictures is the one that you will receive. Oct 3, 2020 - Explore Fun Saw's board "Tillandsia", followed by 257 people on Pinterest. Tillandsia Fasciculata - 6-7" $8.99 Buy Now. Tillandsia Pruinosa Guatemala - Large. Approximately 6-10+. First, and foremost, keep watering and feeding your plant! Jul 10, 2018 - Tillandsia Setacea Clump. Tillandsia Streptophylla (6"+) SKU TIL-40. Tillandsia Caput Medusae - (8-9") $7.99 Buy Now. Tillandsia Tectorum Filifoliatum is a variety of Tectorum that develops long, curved leaves. jdcaravalho. Clump; Fichsii v Gracillis; Inca Gold; Ionantha; Juncea; Montana; Pink Plants; Plagiotropica; Purple Plants; Red Plants; Supplies; Tectorum; Veluntina; Xerographica; Tillandsia / Air Plants . You can also give this air plant the occasional soak. These plants prefer to be misted rather than soaked when watered. Easy to grow and easier to flower! Appearance: T. xerographica are medium to large (up to 5-6″ H and 8-10″ W). Please expect COVID related delays in shipping. 415 Coarsegold, CA 93614 U.S.A. (559) 683-7097 Fax (559) 658-8847 Email. This ones definitely a unique and a Small clump 3-5 plants Medium clump 7-8 plants Large clump 12-15 plants. Also, heat packs will be added to orders shipping to colder parts of the country. These look amazing in orbs/terrariums. It's currently doing great. Tillandsia Seleriana - LG (8-9") SKU TIL-5. Tillandsia International 43714 Rd. The trichomes are so large and such a bright white! Brachycaulos Tillandsia Air Plant, Enhanced. Tillandsia Elhersiana (4") $11.99 Buy Now. Resembling something between a spider and centipede with white legs, this airplant has very narrow leaves that are lined with fuzzy white hairs. Tillandsia Air Plant Clumps, with 5+ tiny plants in each cluster. The inflorescence is purple with astor-violet blooms the whole of which contrasts well with the white, fuzzy leaves. We can also make custom listings of the variety and quantity you need-let us know how many you need and we'll make the listing. Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa 'Kolbii' Air Plants [Single Plant] Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa 'Kolbii' Air Plants [Single Plant] $3.25. These clumps are healthy, high-quality and versatile. This tillandsia xerigraphica is one of my all-time favorites. It’s thick and leathery foliage gently swirls around to form a hefty (and satisfying to hold) clump of extra-terrestrial beauty. After the pups grow to about 1/3 of the size of the mother plant, you can remove them or leave them to form a clump. 3-6 plants per clump. Previous message: Tillandsia tectorum Next message: Tillandsia tectorum Messages sorted by: That is not it! Tillandsia Palacea X Tectorum 'Sweet Isabel' Air Plant Clump. Tillandsia Sweet Isabel (In Clump Form) A hybrid of Tillandsia Tectorum and Tillandsia Paleacea. Tillandsia Tectorum air plants measuring around 5 inches each, some maybe be slightly larger all with multiple pups. Ecuador Tectorum produces pale pink flowers on tiny purple inflorescence. Tillandsia tectorum is one of the most exquisite species. For sale is one Tillandsia chusgonensis clump. Tillandsia xerographica care sheet. Sold Out. Jul 10, 2018 - Tillandsia Setacea Clump. Tillandsia tectorum (photo right) is perhaps the most popular "grey" Air Plant which is covered in Trichomes giving it an almost fury appearance (a bigger photo is in the gallery if you need it). Tectorum Ecuador Tillandsia Air Plant, 2" Rating Required. 2-4 in diameter, large clumps measure approx. For most of the year, its primary residence is in this shallow bowl filled with tumbled glass. These look amazing in orbs/terrariums. Required fields are marked * Your rating * Your review * Name * Email * Related products. Tillandsia Fasciculata - 6-7" SKU TIL-11. Tillandsia Tectorum Peru is a much larger cousin of Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador. Fine leaf beauty with a whimsical appearance, similar to Tillandsia tectorum. SKU TIL-6. Regular price $8 98 $8.98. Filters. Description ; Description. Listing is for a single clump. Tillandsia Streptophylla (6"+) $16.99 Buy Now. Tillandsia Ionantha (Large clump) $10.99 Buy Now. Tillandsia bulbosa doesn’t have many water-attracting hairs (trichomes) on its leaves, so it likes a little more water than many other air plants. So is there any special care for a Tillandsia in bloom? It just need air, water and sunlight to survive. NEW HOURS Our new office hours are 8 am-2 pm Monday – Friday P.S.T. {{gwi:457392}} {{gwi:457392}} Email Save Comment 16. $6.99 Buy Now. Display your tectorum in a terrarium or by itself on the desk. SKU TIL-31. Description. Green with a red/purple tips. Tillandsia Sweet Isabel grows to be one of the most highly beautiful clump. Shipping calculated at checkout.

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