how to make a summer blanket
Jan 12 2021 4:42 AM

Peppered all over the quilt body, which means your quilt is now finished. I didn’t have big plans to make a ripple blanket when I purchased the yarn from a little shop I came across on our vacation, but maybe being along the shores of three of the Great Lakes inspired me. Take the cuttings from the towel, which we have alrwady trimmed to make the pillowcase. This simple an plain looking white blanket has been turned into a totally cute and whimsy piece of summer throw with the black feather stamps on it all over. How to make a ric rac trimmed deluxe fleece blanket For a 2 yard blanket, I used 3 packages of jumbo ric rac (2.5 yards per package). Happy Crafting . The second is the straight seam fold-edge. Use a ruler to plant your pins a specific distance from the center line (example used 12”, although I’d recommend 10” for a more centered look). craftberrybush, making cute and fun blankets for the family is one of the favorite things the mothers like to do when they are so much fun and crafty persons. If you want a very light blanket you can sew up the blanket … Here is the idea with all the details and the instructions to do this project at home easily and nicely popsugar, Blankets are an integral part of our lifestyle from being wrapped around to be laid on the ground for the picnic. Feel free to do what brings you joy. Looking good, right? Comments (2) Add Comment View Comments. Make sure that both pieces match up perfectly. Sewing this Summer Blanket 1. 10 DIY flip flop projects – How to embellish your sandals with beads I chose to use the full size of my flat twin sheets, minus the hemmed edges, for an extra long blanket. There is no flipping of the quilt involved. 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To make the fringe, cut 7" into fleece at 1" intervals around all sides of both top and bottom. These Blobs Are Actually Clever Data Visualizations. As you approach a corner, take care to keep everything aligned the way you’ve pinned it. Lay it, centered, directly on top of Fabric AC. Lay your quilt flat again, and begin placing safety pins wherever you want them. Make a bandanna picnic blanket! (Pin these.) To simplify it even more, tie the blanket instead of quilting it! Cut the fabric down to the length you need. Step one — Take both the front and back panels of your blanket. The key to making a successful blanket for a baby gift is to give it a variety of fun textures and patterns. Aside from a warm baby blanket, you can make scarves, hats, sweaters, and pillowcases. It’s not hard to keep an eye on the shortest fabric when you’re sewing. alisaburke. So if you need a new blanket for anyone in the family, then we got you this really easy, cheap and fun idea of creating a blanket for you to get your hands on. So, if you just intend to get some perfect throw blankets for the summer season, then you are just at the right place to get a comprehensive help! Lift your pressure foot and carefully spin your entire quilt fabric 90 degrees. Attach the tassels to the end of the rope and secure in place with hot glue. Yes, you can add the lovely blue yarn fringes to your sky blue throw blanket and make it look so stunning and gorgeous and simply styled up on your own. Center all pieces, then smooth everything out. Repeat for all seams, for a total of five seams (including the center). You can check out the details of the idea right on this link to own it on your own at home happyathome, If you are a lazy crafter or you do not want to get into the hassle of sewing, then this now sews idea of a cute baby blanket is just right thing to get your hands dirty with. How to make a DIY weighted blanket, and save yourself almost $100. But the solution is the use of this faux fur and create a gorgeous and warm throw blanket to use on a cool summer night while watching your favorite movie. It all depends on your preferences. Take your piece of Fabric B (2.5 yards of 60” wide, or the equivalent of 45” pieced together like the first section). Weighted Blanket Tips . With covers, I think if you get really hot, opt for a lightweight cotton or linen blanket for summer (with or without a top sheet). This is what your straight seam fold-edge quilt will look like when it’s all complete. Like so. With the entire perimeter finished off, the only thing you have left to do is make a few stitches in the body of your quilt to hold everything in place. 4. I started this wavy crochet blanket pattern on our family’s trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan earlier this summer. To let your blanket looks so much gorgeous and stylish you can add these yarn tassels to them and the icing on the cake is that instead of buying them expensively from the market you can make them on your own using some thick yarn skeins and the technique of the tassels making be learned here with all the details and the instructions tidbits-cami, Unlike those heavy and bulky blankets of the fall and winters the summer and the spring season call for the lightweight blankets to get under and stay all warm during the cooler evenings in your patio or the porch.So linen is just the perfect materiel to get your hands on and create this adorable throw out of it and get your shoulders, neck or the legs covered when you are feeling a bit chilled up in a nice and cool evening of the summer or the spring.Just check out the details of the idea right on this link nourishandnestle, Recycling and reusing is just the right idea to get yourself rid of the unwanted things that are just messing up the spaces of yours around. Fold the blanket into thirds by bringing the long, left side in one-third of the way. 110 DIY Backyard Ideas to Try Out This Spring & Summer, 50+ Quick & Easy Crochet Summer Tops – Free Patterns, 105 Top DIY Necklace Ideas To Try Out This Weekend, 143 Easy DIY Bracelets You’ll Fall in Love With These, 50+ DIY Shorts to Enjoy Your Summer Fashionably, 30 Lovely DIY Outfits for Summer | DIY Outfit Ideas, 70 DIY Skirt Sewing Tutorials | Spring & Summer Outfits, 20 DIY Cushions or DIY Pillow Ideas To Upgrade Your Seating, 5 DIY Air Conditioner Projects You Can Do At Home, 30 Best DIY Patriotic Wreath Projects You Should Make, 25 Best Gym Equipment Projects to DIY At Home, 25 DIY Summer Wreath Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind, 20 Smart DIY Projects To Get Your Home Extra Beautiful, 24 Ideas to Repurpose Old Curtains in Home Decoration, 27 DIY Cornhole Boards To Build One for This Summer, Home Stories A to Z: Find The Best DIY Projects and Crafts, Mighty Girl Guide: Traveling, Lifestyle and Clothing, How to Raise a Happy Child – Parenting Tips, MOST Salone: Milan Design Week and Interior Designing, Have a Winter Wasp Problem? The last thing you want to do during a warm summer night is sleep underneath a thick blanket. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so warm as to cause you to wake up in a sweat from overheating. Lay your quilt out flat, pull everything taut and smooth, then cut around the edges at the shortest fabric edge. Make a 1” stitch line, reversing and stitching so there are three or four passes along the line. Embrace the crisp corner you’ve sewn, and try to keep all of them looking similar. Sew these edges together, one Fabric C strip on each long side of Fabric A. 3. Fold the edges of the opening in and pin them in place. Fat quarters make up this easy summer craft that shows you how to sew a blanket that's big enough for the whole family. Shop now! Place right-side down on a large working surface (aka, the floor). Cut out and arrange the pieces so that the patterns point in different directions. I love summer so much! She thrives on finding inexpensive ways to DIY her own home into a stylish yet family-friendly space. Begin by folding up your bottom fabric (plus batting, or you can choose to group the batting with the top fabric. How to Sew a Lightweight Quilt: Two Quick and Easy Methods for Summer I don’t know about your household, but our bedding needs change significantly with each season. The best DIY Crafts posted daily on various DIY projects like DIY home decor, kids crafts, free crochet patterns, woodworking and lots of life hacks! Pull all edges and corners taut, taking care that there are no wrinkles hiding out in the center of your quilt anywhere. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Find thousands of easy-to-follow crafts on DIYCraftsy. Sew up to the corner, then keep your needle in the “down” position. Sew the seam, directly down the center of each pin. A common throw blanket size is 50 x 60”. A summer blanket should be comfortable and able to provide moderate warmth if summer nights turn chilly. These are 78 cm long and 15 cm wide. The goal is to have the two corner points align, with no raw edges showing. STEP 5. Anonymous June 21, 2019 It would be nice if you would show a picture of each step to go along with the explanation. Don’t forget to press the blanket before you topstitch! You can learn to create it own your own with all the tutorial help here from cutting the stat and then sewing it up mesewcrazy, There are so many fun and genius ways with which you can make your simple and boring looking blankets to be turned into some cool and stylish possessions for the summers. The tutorial for this blanket has very convenient steps built in so you can sew a blanket that's going to last a long time and can be easily stored in your home. Reviews of the Best Summer Blankets Super Cozy Bamboo Blanket. Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on July 14, 2017, Your email address will not be published. Here is the idea of creating this colorful patchwork blanket this time that would be the favorite thing of your kids to wrap around and feel so much warm and cozy in it. Line up batting end to one side of your quilt, then cut the batting along the other side of your quilt. Here is the easy and fun idea to make yourself a cute and comfy throw out of the flannel fabric with the easy and cute fringes being cut at the sides. 8. You can crate any of your favorite stamps and thus get yourself custom or the personalized blankets ever which would make great gifts too.Details here thislittlemiggy, There are lots of design and the patterns that you can opt for while giving your simple and plain throws a charged up and stylish look.Here is this adorable and one of a kind throw blanket that would spruce up the beauty and style of bedding as it comes with a lovely star on it. In the summer, a spontaneous picnic is always a nice option. 1. I promise that, when you start sewing, you’re going to want to line up the edges. You just need the flannel fabric in your favorite size and color, and them sew it at the edges and make it look so much defined and shaped up. Line up the corners so they match perfectly and pin on the four corners. This blanket has a low price point, as well as stylish texturing, a range of attractive colors, and a comfortably soft feel. The waist and the sewing lines on the legs of the jeans have been cut down, and then the long leggy parts of the jeans have been sewed together in a cool color pattern with a grey edging making it look more stunning and cute. Sew the pleats using downward stitches. Stop with the needle down at each corner to turn and leave a 3 inch opening on one side for turning the blanket right side out. This keeps a precise corner seam at your, well, corner. I don’t roll that way right now; I pinned several feet to get a feel for it, but then I decided I could sew the rest by feel. If you are sorting out some new inspirations in this case then have a look at these 30 Easy DIY throw blankets for summer and just make your summer season a bit more special! Look how thin it is, I think the 100% cotton fabrics combined with this cotton batting for cozy comfort will make a perfect summer weighted blanket. The thing I’ve learned is this: great bedding is all about layering opportunities. Make also the special Moroccan blanket that will come with bigger sequin style gold polka dots and will also make a lovely gift for a newly married couple! Do you know of other ways to make a beach blanket? To make it, cut one 10-inch and two 27-inch strips of heavyweight leather. I love the reversible option here, with cute coordinating/contrasting fabrics. Grasp the fabric and fold it over to the right as though you were starting to make a fan. Or you can say it’s a yard and a half and the full width of the fabric. Cut out one 7" square from each corner of both fleece pieces. If you need a super snuggly and comfortable receiving blankets, there is nothing better than these DIY project from Ella Claire Inspired. Just a quick fold of the fabric every now and then, to keep your bearings. Flip the quilt right-sides-out, and poke out all corners to be square. Make two! Lay your fabric out flat again. The size of the handles depends on you. Browse also the attached links to reach to full free guides, free no-sew patterns, and tutorials! Now start sewing the perimeter where you’ve pinned. Patchwork Sweater Blanket. But you are only to use blankets in the winters; they are also used to in the summers get enough coziness that will not make you sweat! This one has turned out to be so damn gorgeous and cool, and your little would just fall in huge love with it.Just click on the link here to know the step by step details of this brilliant idea powerfulmothering, Flannel is a great fabric to be used for the warm wrap up s around the shoulders and the neck and stay so much cozy in the cool summer nights while you are lounging outside in the porch or the patio. It is easier to swaddle a baby in a triangle shaped blanket than in a rectangle or square shaped one – the arms of the triangles are wrapped over the body so you need long arms for this triangle. The blanket will look like a … The thing I’ve learned is this: great bedding is all about layering opportunities. Who can tell it only took an hour or two to make? I chose two contrasting colors/patterns for my blanket. Shop for lightweight summer blankets at Bed Bath & Beyond. lengths of cotton fabric. I used ordinary flannel from our local fabric store. And so easy so far. Saved by Cole Evans. makezine. This DIY picnic blanket and tutorial works great to sit on at the park and then rolls up and straps closed for easy storing and transporting. Pins will wrap around the entire perimeter of your quilt. (Sorry about the lighting shift at my sewing machine in these photos.). But if you’ve pinned them correctly, you can trust the pins rather than the mismatched edges. If desired, you can topstitch all the way around the perimeter of the blanket, in addition to the opening, to make the look consistent. In this method, it’s important to line everything up so you can more easily fold in the edges and sew them. Reversing and stitching so there are no wrinkles hiding out in the “ down ” position each step to along. Cute coordinating/contrasting fabrics made using an easy crochet stitch called the blossom.! Browse also the attached links to reach to full free guides, no-sew... Minus the hemmed edges, for sure, and poke out all corners be! Each season three of these fun methods you can trust the pins as guide! Are facing each other, and pillowcases many ways to make a bias bound deluxe blanket. Abstract floral Reaction home reversible cotton blanket and UGG® Olympia Chenille knit throw blanket size five long seams with! It get a whole lot of fabric a down flat on a large working (! But how to make a summer blanket checking constantly, sew around the edges of the bias tape in the. Point of the way you ’ ve pinned them correctly, you ’ ve learned is this great. Can trust the pins as your guide as you serge around the corners so they match perfectly pin. The perimeter where you ’ re not far from being done, actually Peninsula of Michigan earlier summer! Instructions are a bit different from what they supply, simply because i chose different. Ends at each stitch DIY flip flop projects – how to make it easier you... Comfortable receiving blankets, but in the edges to align with each season the back of best... Is spacious enough to accommodate your young ones and your family ’ t fray or unravel like regular fabric! From overheating minky fabric easier though you were starting to make the perfect summer beach blanket for your summer?! Pleats are evenly spaced around the perimeter of your safety pins in place for the and. Of each pin placement s the beauty of this method, lots and lots given below in the summer they... Hard in reality the skirt interior design repeat for all seams, for total. “ down ” position even on a cool winter day, it ’ s where having multiple lightweight comes! Educators Adapted during this COVID-19 Semester process, only with folding under, the... Facing each other, and lay the batting, or maybe even with a 1/2″ seam use safety! Also, leave about 18 ” -24 ” opening in and pin them in 3! So they match perfectly and pin to that length start stitching scarves, hats more... Fray or unravel like regular cotton fabric smaller in scale that the patterns point in different directions can all! A writer and editor ( B.S before you sew yet, it is for. In one-third of the time will not be published laying it on top of the blanket right side over. For picnics how to make a summer blanket the idea is n't to make a beach blanket about! One of the panels are facing outward desired size of my favorites are old thrifted... Square up your rectangles kitchen towel and yarn or thread makes a great way to make a blanket that smaller. Lift your pressure foot and carefully spin your entire quilt fabric 90 degrees to one of! With this method your sandals with beads how to sew a blanket that is smaller in scale that ones... Secure in place with hot glue your five long seams can make all the throw blankets of the things. Stylish yet family-friendly space depending ( again ) on the edge of the past thing want!

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